Decision Impossible?

Maybe not. After a disappointing Saturday afternoon, in which we came very close to bidding on a house before realizing it was on the Indian Reservation, I decided I was going to have to give our realtor the ol’ heave ho. When I asked her for time to think about the complicated and weighty decision of whether to bid on the house, she wanted to give me five minutes. It took me at least that long to talk her into giving me a few hours. She asked me to call her back at 6 o’clock, which is about the time I was figuring out this house was on the reservation. This little tidbit of information annoyed me, or at least the fact that it wasn’t disclosed annoyed me, and I didn’t call her back. She finally called on Sunday afternoon and I told her the situation with the house. I also told her I was tired of being pressured and I wasn’t making any more decisions on a whim. I know she’ll probably call back eventually but the next move is mine and I’m moving on. In fact, I may be moving on to the finish line.

My mom saw an open house on Sunday and insisted I come look. I wasn’t going to make that hour’s drive on a moment’s notice, but because I had today off, and the realtor hosting the open house was willing, I decided to take a look and also have him show me a few other houses.  The other houses we saw weren’t much to speak of, but the house my mom found is just about perfect.  Well it’s not perfect but we can make it perfect, and for the price I don’t see how we could afford NOT to make it our home. The biggest drawback is the location, because it’s much farther away from work than I want to be. However, looking at it rationally, the other homes we’ve liked and the ones we’ve bid on have all been “farther out” than ideally I would have liked. This latest location may add five to fifteen minutes from any other less than ideal location, and again, for the price, we could turn it into something really great. It may be the best way for us to get in on the market. We know we like the area and will be happy enough living there, and in a few years we will have some equity and may be better equipped financially to find a location closer to our places of employment, wherever they are at that time.

If anybody at this point is worried that we may not get the house for this price or perhaps there will be a bidding war, calm yourselves. This house has been on the market over two months and the owners are desperate to sell. They are ready to move and I am ready to take advantage of that. I hope to get a carpet allowance so we can redo the floors, and based on what the selling agent told me, I think that is entirely possible.

However at this point I’m going to stop talking about it.  I feel talking about it is what jinxed my view home out in Brown’s Point that sold before I got to it.  So I will leave it at this:  I’ve made my decision and I couldn’t be happier that I have actually made a decision. Proud too. Decisions are not my forte. My college roommate and I could take two hours to decide what to have for dinner, even if we were starving and dryer lint sounded good. I think Shaun is happy too, and he hasn’t even seen the place.  He’s seen many, many houses with me and has been, in his words, “just waiting for me to make a decision.” I feel good about this decision too, better than any of the other “decisions” I made when I bid on the houses I didn’t get. So now we just have to wait and see what happens.

Until then, Happy House Hunting!


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