No sooner had I posted the list of things that went wrong with my car when, of course, yet another thing went wrong with my car.  Nothing major.  In fact, it reminded me of something that’s been wrong with the car that didn’t make the original list.  A couple of years ago, the light in the automatic shift went out.  I only need the light at night, and it’s easy enough to navigate in the dark.  I’d gotten so used to it I forgot it ever had a light.  That is until the lights on the panel with the temperature controls went out.  Well, they half went out.  I can see to aim the air at my feet or put it on defrost, I just can’t see whether I will be hot or cold.  I’m thinking if all the lights go out it might just be dark enough in there to sleep while I’m driving down the road.  Hopefully Shaun will be able to replace the lights when we have a garage.

Happy motoring!


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