There’s no business like bloody show business

261983651.jpgAfter a few weeks of silence, I am finally able to add another chapter to my househunting saga.  Shaun and I made an offer on the house I liked in Puyallup and it was accepted almost unconditionally.  The only change they made was to give us seven days instead of ten to do the inspection.  We accepted and the day after all the papers had been signed and everything was set into motion, I lost my job.  THE DAY AFTER.  One of the reasons I decided it was the right time for Shaun and I to buy a house was because I had the good fortune to be working on a long-running show that had recently been renewed for two seasons.  It’s really tough to get that kind of job security in television but that was precisely my biggest mistake – thinking I actually had job security.  There’s no such thing in my line of work.  I lost my job not because the show was cancelled but because the production schedule lightened up and the whole company is in the midst of its yearly down time, that the decision was made to scale back to just one editor.  I’m a bit sore they didn’t choose me as the one.  I’ve been there longer than the other editor but I haven’t been editing as long. 

At that particular point in time it was difficult to get me out from under the bed.  I was considering backing out of the house while we could still get our earnest money back.  And I was really pissed that after four years with this company I can’t have some itty bitty little piece of seniority.  The truth is that while I have outlasted countless people at the company, there’s still a top tier of people that have been there longer than I have and I won’t be able to get to that level unless some of those people leave.  Still, to be told my services were no longer needed the day after I announced my triumphant purchase of a big, expensive house felt like a slap in the face.  I was ready to leave show business all together.  Fortunately or unfortunately I don’t really know how to do anything else.  The powers that be (the company partners) assured me that when things started to pick up there would be more work for me and they would even let me edit again.  (It was another great fear that with only a year’s experience they wouldn’t trust me with a different show, especially a new one.)  So we decided to push forward with the house, figuring that by the time we had to make the first mortgage payment I would be back on track, and if not Shaun could handle it for a little while on his own.  

We also decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and get the inspection and let that help us decide if we wanted to continue with the sale.  The inspection, as we suspected, went extremely well.  There were a few minor repairs, some we will do ourselves and some we asked the sellers to do.  Overall the house was in excellent condition and I found the inspector’s enthusiasm both amusing and confidence-boosting.  One thing we did ask the sellers was to have their relatively new furnace serviced, a suggestion from our inspector.  They agreed and wound up buying us a whole new furnace when the service revealed a slew of problems almost as expensive to fix as buying a new furnace.  I must say the sellers are being very diligent, “overly diligent” as our realtor put it, and I feel quite confident about the whole transaction.  The past houses that we bid on had me thinking of the sellers as villainous, almost, but that may have been the fault of our previous realtor.  This time, our realtor seems at least competent, and he and I have both been very pleased dealing with the selling agent.  He’s just a decent guy.

I’m less enthused right now about our mortgage people.  We went with a big name bank when the mortgage broker we had been talking to admitted the deal they offered us was better than he could provide us.  Shaun’s mom works at this bank so I’m sure things will go smoothly, but one person in particular, a processor at the Bellevue branch, really got my dander up when she didn’t respond to my phone calls for days because she “didn’t want to respond until I had the chance to look over your documents.”  Please.  A courtesy phone call letting me know what was going on was the least this person could have done.  Anyway, I do believe we got a pretty good deal so as long as we are on track and close on time….

We can start moving next weekend if everything goes well.  We want to paint and get carpets down first, so it’s going to be difficult to coordinate everything and at the same time get our apartment rented out.  We are trying to find someone to take over our lease, which ends the first week in June.  We had a good prospect today, but we haven’t heard if they’ll actually take the place.  If they do, we’ll have to move for sure that first week in April, making things just a little bit more complicated.

I’d like to be super happy enthusiastic about this but I’m not.  That whole not having work thing looms large over my brain.  I do have a very good prospect with another company for freelance work which I hope comes through.  They were very excited I could work from home as their edit suites are usually tied up.  Since I was planning on working from home on my previous show, which took some of the sting out of living farther away, it would be nice to still have that option in some capacity.  Especially since this company is very, very far away from the house. 

I hope this all gets fun and exciting when we start moving and painting.  I’m sure once I’m able to get a cat or dog I will have forgotten all about this apartment which I love so much.  So for those of you still looking, happy househunting, and for me, I’ll see you on the other side with a blog about the disasters of fixing a house.


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