A long vacation

Sid surveys his kingdom

Despite my best intentions to keep a log of the repairs we make to our own home, once we finally moved there was a whirlwind of paperwork, long to-do lists and plenty of drama and trauma, so the blog fell to the background.  A mere seven months later, I feel settled enough to devote some time to writing.  There are more repairs to come, so I’ll recap what has happened so far and then move forward, just like you’d see on any television show with a continuing storyline. 

Previously, on “House Dwellers:”

I made two predictions in my last post that I’d like to address now.  First, “I’ll see you on the other side with a blog about the disasters of fixing a house.”  “Disasters” just about covers it.  Okay, we haven’t had any of the horror stories of something being completely destroyed, everything has just taken longer and cost more than we expected.  You hear those stories too, but I feel you can’t appreciate its true meaning until you’ve experienced it first hand.  I’ll come back to the repairs.

Second, I said I’m sure once I’m able to get a cat or dog I will have forgotten all about this apartment which I love so much.   We did get a cat, in May, two months after we’d moved and about three weeks after we’d moved in.  We had floors and had painted most everything, and I wasn’t waiting a second longer.  We went down to the Humane Society during an “adopt-a-thon” weekend and adopted Sid, a three month old black kitten.  I ADORE Sid.  He’s cute and affectionate and brings his toys to you when he wants to play.  He’s very vocal and he does get a bit too rambunctious when he wants attention I’m not able to give him right away, but these are very minor complaints.  I have not, however, forgotten about that apartment which I love so much.  I think about it all the time.  Well, I suppose the longer we’re away, the less I think about it, but the apartment had the exquisite feature of being new, a feature this house does not have.  I frequently mourn the loss of my granite countertops, new cabinets, tiled bathroom floors, and basically just the newness of it all.  When I cleaned it up, it really sparkled, whereas after a thorough cleaning of this house there still seems to be a bit of a dull film covering it.  It’s really not that bad, when I think about it, and all things that I can change now that I own the house.  The kitchen is the ugliest thing and the thing I’ll have to cope with the longest, most likely.  So when I can, I remind myself that while the apartment was new, I didn’t have Sid there, and he’s one of the things that makes this place feel like a home. 

Now onto a brief recap:  April 1st, new renters move into our apartment, and Shaun and I move in with my parents while we tear up the carpet and paint the house.  It takes all of April for me to find the right carpet and get it installed, after numerous errors made by the big-name department store we bought from caused us several delays.  We also put engineered hardwood floors down in the bedroom, pergo in the kitchen, tile in the entryway, and paint the entire house, ceiling to (sometimes) floor.  In May, the carpet is installed and a second later we’ve moved in.  Our two extra bedrooms did not and still do not have floors, so Shaun has his desk in the living room, while mine is in the auxilairy, miscellaneous, media, anything-but-rec, still unnamed room.  Repairs and updates continue throughout the summer, including the painting of the master bathroom cabinets (still not reinstalled due to a minor hinge issue) and replacing the sickly shower insert with beautiful tile.  During the summer I land work at a company called “Braincandy” which makes children’s DVDs.  They are on a deadline and at one point I work for six weeks without a single day off.  Not much gets done on the house during this time.  The threat and eventual follow through of a couple of visitors motivates me to get some artwork on the walls, but we’re still far from finished.

Today, the biggest projects I’d like to see finished are baseboard throughout the house and floors in the two bedrooms.  We’ll really maximize our space when we’re able to have offices, and then if we ever get any money, we could maybe buy some real furniture for the living room.  If we ever get a lot of money, the first thing we’ll do is gut the kitchen which is outdated and too small.  Actually we have more than enough cabinet space in the kitchen, but way too little counter space.

I’ll write more in the future as we continue to work.


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