New Year, New Complaints

Shaun and I did go straight out after Christmas and buy an artificial tree.  Target had one left in our size, pre-lit, and with nice branches.  We brought it home and stuck it together, just to make sure it worked, and when we plugged it in, we heard a stacatto “POP!”  A fuse had blown, but luckily it came with a spare and everything is indeed in working order.  Now the only problem is we can’t get it back in the box so it lies strewn across our “as-yet-unnamed-room.”

“POP” goes the Christmas Tree

 In other news, I’ve procured a brand new job, part-time to start.  To start, more specifically, at 7 a.m.  I feel this may be the worst, most tortuous thing that can be expected of a human.  I also think having a later start to one’s day could solve most of the world’s problems.  I haven’t gotten up before 7 on a regular basis since I was in high school.  This 7 a.m. start time has me nervous that this might be more of a “real” job than I am used to, an office-y type scary job.  However, I took the job for the writing opportunities it is to provide, so hopefully it won’t be all bad.  However, I’ll likely sound naive if I pontificate too much on it here, since I don’t start until Tuesday.  So I’ll leave the subject for now.

I had to rescue Sid from the neighbor’s yard the other day.  He jumped the fence on this side but couldn’t get back up without the lateral beams for support.  I had to hold him while running down the busy street, as that was the only non-fence route available.  I have a couple of good size scratches on my stomach now, as he tried to break free, frightened by the noise of the passing cars.


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