I thought this was an interesting article.  I’ve read similar articles before, but I’m always fascinated by how early our personalities are set and how difficult they are to change.  I came across the article yesterday, right after my boss told me he thought I was “reserved.”  We were discussing my thoughts about my new job, and those of you who know me know that I’m not exactly captain of the pep squad (hence the Weary part of Weary Productions.)  My real thoughts are that the work is okay, and I’m happy that I actually get paid to write, but the hours, the people, the restrictiveness and the fact that ultimately it is a sales industry, are the things that keep me on the fence, wagging my tail like Sid, preparing to jump to the other side.  My boss told me that I didn’t have to be excited to work there, so long as I did the work.  I suppose there are plenty of people out there who aren’t excited about their jobs, but I don’t want to be one of those people.  If I don’t like my job I leave it, because it’s really difficult to work day in and day out and spend such a large chunk of your life doing something you hate.  I think for part time work this is pretty good, certainly high above some of the other jobs I’ve attempted, but to want to do it full time, something would really have to push me over the edge, or pull me back from the fence.  It’s still possible as I’ve really only been there a few days, but, ever the optimist, I won’t hold my breath.

I’ve decided to give up trying to keep an early schedule, and just be tired the two days a week instead of seven.  I have personally found that, like one’s personality, trying to change one’s sleeping habits is mostly a futile effort.  After my three-day run of 5:30 mornings, I am exhausted.  So exhausted that I could only muster enough energy to write a blog entry.  Unfortunately, while I do have enough energy to sit in a chair and move my fingers, I do not have enough brainpower to recall all the things I was going to write about when I finally had the energy to write about them.

Maybe tomorrow.  


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