Pure Honesty

 Some pictures from this evening’s big season 3 premier of Three Sheets on the MOJO HD Network. I have to say, I LOVE premiers. Of course, these aren’t big Hollywood galas or anything, just small gatherings at bars and restaurants. Still it’s great to see all the hard work pay off. By the time a show gets to air, there’s been a huge investment of time and energy on the part of the crew and each scene has memories and significance to all who worked on it, and it’s a fun atmosphere.

I also have to say that in stark contrast to the people I work with now, I really like all the people I have worked with on Three Sheets and the other shows I have been a part of. I think it’s the only group of people I have truly fit in with, which is kind of an odd thing to say because I don’t necessarily fit in with them. I’m a little bit subdued for television. I’m shy and quiet and introverted, but still this is a group of people that I get and I like being around. They’re all extremely smart and even though I often can’t quite keep up with the pace of the conversation, I love listening. Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments. And the more I get to know people the more comfortable I get, but with me there’s always a bit of hesitation and reservation that I think can be a little awkward.

I also love the sheer animosity of the group. We’re a mean bunch for sure, but it’s such a different kind of mean than the type I experience at my current job. When you really get to know people and understand their character, a little gentle prodding or poking at a trait or shortcoming is great. And with this group, it’s not a little, it’s a lot. I think it takes a certain type of person to dish that out and take it too, and I feel right at home amongst the insults. But there’s such a difference between the exchanges that took place tonight – for instance, Bucky saying he liked wishy-washy wines and Jodi saying, “Gee, I never would have guessed that of you” – and the one that took place this afternoon – a woman making fun of someone she didn’t know for having a sexy voice but also being 400 pounds. That second one gets to me, and it echoes the sentiments that run rampant throughout the building, that it’s okay to make fun of people or judge them based on their appearance. All of the humor there seems a bit juvenile to me, lacking any wit or charm. But I suppose that’s what you get when you have someone comparing the box copy they are writing to the sentiments of Gandhi.  

I think a lot of my writing since I left college has been lacking a little honesty, maybe in part because I have become so accustomed to having to lie about so many of the little things, especially at work. I’m constantly getting asked how I like my job, and what am I supposed to say to that?  “Well, geez, it’s really awful and I hate it here..”? Maybe not. (But then again, maybe.) I think I learned this particular form of lying in the fifth grade, when I mentioned to a friend that I was excited to be able to start band the next year, because then I’d never have to take art again. Well that person told the teacher and then everybody found out that I didn’t like art and boy was that a big deal. Up until that point, I thought it was okay to have preferences and opinions. But apparently I was a BIG FREAK because I wanted to play the flute instead of cut up construction paper. So then every week there was a big fuss to make the art projects more fun for me. But I didn’t want them to be fun, I wanted them to be over. So when anybody asked if I liked the art project that week, I said yes, because I wanted them to stop asking and leave me alone. And with the exception of television, my entire working life has been one big art project. But I think its much more interesting to be honest, so maybe I can find some way to do that again.



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