As usual, my timing impeccable

Another in the “World’s Best Car” series…

I listen to Car Talk on NPR quite frequently, and it seems every other week they’re recommending someone change the timing belt on their car, lucky that with over 100,000 miles it hasn’t already broken. Since I have about 109,000 on my car right now, I though maybe I, too, should go ahead and get that changed. A former colleague recommended the Toyota dealership in Puyallup saying they often have coupons for the timing belt and give you a free loaner car. He was right so coupon in hand, I called them up. And I was told that as much as they’d like to let me use the coupon, starting with the ’98s (the year of my car), Toyota put timing chains on, not belts, and that would last me the life of my car. Hooray! That saves me probably 300 bucks, not to mention all the other things that never need changing, like the antifreeze. How can you not love a car that always runs, never needs anything done and gets 35+ mpg?

Well, almost nothing. I am thinking about changing the shocks because Shaun says he can handle that one on his own and because it’s about time. Not that I don’t love bouncing up and down with every speed bump…


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