I heard the news yesterday that my work has decided not to hire another copywriter after all. And since the person they told me was going to be fired is still kicking around, I have a feeling his job was spared as well. I guess maybe they finally decided that bringing in new people would not automatically fix all their problems and maybe it really was better to train people they already have. That’s what I would think, but my thinking often involves logic, so in fact the real reason may have been something completely different.

Since I am often quite bored at work, I made up a little game last week where I keep track of all the movie and tv references made by the person that sits across the cubicle from me. When I first came up with this, he was having a bad week, being chewed out over a mistake he made and fighting with a colleague, so was uncharacteristically quiet. But yesterday he was back in top form, and here’s my list of topics that he brought up or mentioned:

Jonathon Taylor Thomas, The Muppet Show, Penn Jillette, Dirty Work, Arte Lang, The Norm Show, My Name is Earl, Michael Rappaport, Giovanni Ribisi, Starship Troopers (this movie comes up a lot), Lars & the Real Girl, New Pornagraphers (music), Zero 7 “Today” (music), Iron Man, Eric Bana, The Hulk, Jon Favreau, Daredevil, Marvel Comics, Rebecca Romijn, Mystique, Punisher, i-Robot, Doonesbury, Outland, Bloom County, Opus (full history and evolution of the three cartoons given), James Bond, Austin Powers, Braveheart, The Bobs (an Office Space reference), Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, June Lockhart, Crispin Glover, Back to the Future (lines quoted), Head of the Class, Billy Connely, Dexter, Ben Folds Five (music), Christopher Walken.

So some of those were natural segues, but most were random. There may even be some I missed since occasionally it sounds to me like he’s quoting a line but I’m not sure from what, in the case of, “Type Monkey, Type!”

I don’t want to jinx anything, but I do have an interview lined up with another company, so my fingers are crossed!




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One Response to Dumbfounded

  1. Gerry says:

    OMG! I don’t know what’s scarier… your neighbor, or the fact that you recognized all of those references! Amazing!

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