Don’t call us…

I had a job interview earlier in the week for a copy editor-ish position at a local newspaper publishing company. I’m not sure I have ever seen anyone look so bored with what I had to say, especially not at an interview where most people at least pretend to pay attention. This interviewer kept leaning back in his chair and I’m pretty sure he rolled his eyes a couple of times, which did not help me concentrate. I was really excited about the interview as I am so eager to find a new job, and I knew my answers to his questions were not great. I usually have a better idea of what I’m going to be asked or what I’m going to say, and I knew I was rambling. I realized later that I was probably rambling really fast. Roadrunner speed. (I think the quick speak is a talent shared by an elite population, all of whom are women.) I have found that in the course of an interview, if the interviewer is more interested in talking that I am and I listen and ask appropriate questions, I always get the job. This interviewer, an ex-IT guy, had no interest in talking at all. So I rambled on about this and that, tried to engage him in some non-work related chit-chat, and was told at the end that the interview process had just begun and they’d let me know in a week or two. That, I have found, is always the kiss-off.  Thanks, it’s been grand, don’t call us, we’ll call you.

It just proves that you can’t win ’em all. The interviewer did say at one point that he thought his was a great or a fun place to work. I’ve taught myself to be suspicious of that. When people want to spend lots of time telling you how great their organization is, no matter how sincere they are, it means it sucks. I’ve never liked any of these oh-so-terrific, aren’t-we-cool places. I don’t know why that is, but it does seem either inappropriate or perhaps backwards to try to sell the interviewee on your company, unless of course you’ve sought that person out specifically. If by some miraculous twist of fate I was offered the job, I’d take it despite his comment because he only said it once at the end of the interview. Maybe that’s okay – I haven’t been able to test the theory yet.

And while I may be a while from leaving the rat race entirely (to work for myself – something I’ve been thinking about doing since I hate most of my jobs) I am perhaps that much closer. I started taking a writing class last week and I’m hopeful that I may be able to start generating some of my own income. That’s all there is to say on that for now. Hopeful. 



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