SVU in my backyard

I received a notice in my mailbox yesterday that a convicted sex offender has moved into the neighborhood. Having lived nearby, I’ve always considered this a nice neighborhood, and in fact, a quick stroll around this block and the next confirms it, with beautiful house after beautiful house. The one thing we dislike about the neighborhood (besides our particular house being so close to a busy street) is the duplexes us, which is most likely where the guy is living. We haven’t had any run-ins with the neighbors, but I hear loud yelling and cursing occasionally, and the backyard is full of junk.

I actually live right next door to a daycare, but I guess if you’re just a standard sex offender, not a pedophile, you can move in next to a daycare?

I also wonder if we get a notice that he’s moved in, we’ll we get a notice if he leaves so I can feel a little safer? I’m not sure if I am in an unsafe situation, but it does put a damper on my strolls around the block. I’m also wondering if I should make any safety improvements to the house. One thing that has bugged me for a while is that our door has a glass panel, clearly allowing anyone to see in or see that you’re coming to the door. I’d much prefer a peephole. But it is a nice door and would be expensive to replace. Peace of mind, however, is priceless…

Once when I was in college a guy who was whacked out on the drugs tried to barge his way into my apartment. I didn’t let him in and he left, and I alerted the cops who came by and said he’d tried the same thing with a bunch of other people. The cop told me about some mace or pepper spray fogger thing that you can keep by the door in case of an emergency. I’m thinking that might be inexpensive peace of mind.


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