Charlie Wilson’s War


I think there’s a period of what would now be considered history that I don’t know much about, as it was current events when I was growing up. Namely, the ’80s. Perhaps this is true for every generation. I was too young when it was happening but it wasn’t old enough to be included in the high school history texts. Not that I really know all that much about history. Anyway, my point is that I like films like Charlie Wilson’s War that do a good job of filling me in on what I missed.

Charlie Wilson’s War is interesting and clips along at a good pace. He’s an interesting character and Tom Hanks does a great job. Philip Seymour Hoffman as a CIA agent does an even better job. He even bears a good resemblance to the real life version of his character, as I noticed in one of the DVD extras. I usually like Hoffman but wonder if he’s as great an actor as they say he is or just really good at picking his roles. He always seems to play an outsider of some sort.

I didn’t like Julia Roberts in this film. Generally I think she’s okay, and I think she was great in Erin Brokovich, but something about her putting lipstick on those giant lips of hers really kind of pulled me out of this film. The character she plays was supposed to be very glamorous, but I still didn’t think she was right for the role.

But all in all it was an entertaining and informative film with disturbing ties to our present day situation in the middle east. Makes you wish and hope there are more people like Charlie Wilson kicking around the government…


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