Ninja Kitty

When Sid stretches himself out or stands on his hind legs you can see that he is made up of 100% muscle. And with all that muscle comes a whole lotta energy.

I’m used to having indoor/outdoor cats, that’s the way my parents always treat their cats. But now that I live so close to a busy street, I worry about letting Sid wander too freely. I certainly wouldn’t leave him out overnight. But I do try to let him out for at least 20-30 minutes a day, either in the morning or when I get home. It makes me feel a bit like I’m keeping him prisoner. But the inmate has staged a revolt and I may have to let him out more.

I think there’s just too much energy there to keep him inside, and he’s taking it out on the house. His latest trick is to leap into the air and cling onto the door frame. I don’t know what could possibly possess him to do this, especially when the door is open. He also nips and bites at me with unrelenting determination, even if I kick him away. In fact, if I do kick him away, that really gets him going and he’s not play fighting anymore. At this point I almost have to let him out. Which I hate to do at that particular point, fearing that I may be associating him biting me with going outside.

Fortunately he doesn’t seem to stray all that far from home when I let him out. He really likes going over the fence into the neighbor’s yard, which I don’t like because 1) it’s more open to the busy street than is our house with the collection of trees lining the side and 2) I only know of my neighbor’s what I hear from them – mainly the cursing – so it seems an undesirable place for him to hang out. But mainly he just likes climbing on things and chasing bugs and the other day he got to stay outside for a long while because he was just sunbathing.

So I guess my conclusion is to be a bit freer with the outdoor time. I should be going out more now that warmer months are (hopefully) coming and he stays closer when I’m out there too. In fact, sometimes I’ll let him out and walk away, and he comes back in howling at me until I go outside with him. A very strange kitty indeed.


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