I finally got up the nerve last Tuesday to quit my part-time, early morning job that I hated so dearly. I had enough work coming in that I didn’t need it any more, and I could tell I was done with it as my bedtime had returned to its normal late-night hour. I never got a lot of sleep the nights I had to get up at 5:30, but I at least made some attempt to be in bed before the witching hour.

Also in the “news,” I have just one week left until I get married. I had considered blogging about the whole planning experience, the whole three months I gave myself, and then opted against it feeling that it was stuff I didn’t really want to deal with in the first place, so why write about it. Of course, now I regret that decision. The agony of deciding on a dress, the decided opinions on the name change debate, the venue change drama, and my good ol’ Scottish sensibilities making good and sure we didn’t fall into any “once in a lifetime” sales pitches. Honestly, the wedding industry is such a huge business, it’s ridiculous. It’s formulated on the fact that this is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity, “the most special day of your life” so therefore you should spend all the money you have on things that would normally cost a third as much.

As always, I’m unhappy to spend money but happy with the myriad of deals I was able to find, from the cake to the photographer. My latest and greatest deal find was out of sheer necessity.  I had planned on ordering my flowers from Costco, but I didn’t know that they required a month’s advance notice. Most florists do. I’d put the flowers off because I’m what you call a black thumb and don’t really care about flowers. But as I’d been told, they’re a nice thing to have. Well a friend said I could get the flowers from Pike Place Market for cheap, and another friend was gracious enough to go down there, talk to the people to find out they could put the bouquets together for us, (something we were expecting to have to do ourselves) and helped me pick out the flowers.  They are gorgeous and what a deal! This may now be the thing I am most excited about. Of course I won’t see the final results until the night before the wedding, but still, I know they will be beautiful. Had I gone with Costco, who had preset packages with so many bouquets and boutonnieres, I would have paid four times what I paid at the market. Plus, none of the Costco packages had the exact number of bouquets/centerpieces I needed, I would have wound up with too many or too few. With Pike Place, it’s exactly what I need. Very pleased indeed.


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  1. Kristina says:

    Wow, this reminds me of my wedding planning. Blogging wasn’t a word yet, but as features editor at the college newspaper I decided to do an occasional column with my fiance/husband on the planning. I know we covered the dress shopping and the name change issues. Congratulations, it sounds like you will have beautiful flowers and a lovely wedding!

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