World’s Best Car gets the hiccups

Well if you’ve noticed the abundant posts today it’s because I’m sitting at home, stranded, the ’98 Corolla with 115,000 miles unwilling to start. The first blog post was homework. I’d been working on a lengthier, more profound post when I hit a wall, realizing I didn’t have anything particularly profound to say. So Zits cartoon it is. I think that counts?

I’m not sure why my car isn’t starting. It is turning over but not starting. Shaun had already left for work, and my dad isn’t sure what’s wrong. My dad of course thinks 115k miles is a lot, I disagree. Not for a Toyota, anyway. The possible diagnoses so far are: spark plugs, starter motor, or fuel pump. But I have to wait for Shaun to get home to take a look. Because of the odd location of my work, I can’t take a bus and I’m too far to call upon someone for a ride. So I’m trying to make the best of my time. I really don’t think I’m succeeding though!


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One Response to World’s Best Car gets the hiccups

  1. Gerry says:

    Hi Jen,
    If it’s turning over, that rules out anything in the electrical system anyway (battery or alternator). Could be plugs, always good to check those and replace them first… they do solve 90% of problems… but if it’s been running fine and smooth until now, in other words, no rough idling or difficulty starting, I’d look at the fuel system. I’ve never had problems with starters, so I can’t speak to that, but if it’s turning over, I’d look elsewhere.

    Probably a good idea to replace the fuel filter in case it got plugged, or the fuel line broke or is cracked, or something silly like that. Last resort, could be a fuel pump… they’re pretty prone to failure, where they can’t get suction to prime the pump. They’ve also been known to sponatenously die. It might be a quick repair too, you just need a new cartridge for a pump, and it might be accessable underneath your back seat if you’re lucky… or it might require dropping the tank, which is a pain in the butt (i.e. hire it out).

    115K on a toyota is nothing… It should run for 250K-300K with minimal problems so long as you keep up with maintance.

    But as is the case with any car that’s more that 3 years old, they do take a little bit of work to keep them ticking… the good thing is, the cost of an occasional repair is usually about the same as a one month car payment on a new car.

    Hope all is well. Good Luck1

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