The Saga of the Kitty

I don’t even know where to begin because I don’t remember when it started. It was sometime after Shaun and I moved into our first apartment. He wanted to get a dog, specifically a Corgi. I’m not a huge fan of dogs, but Corgis are very cute and I was somewhat agreeable to the idea of a pet. I started looking at Corgis on-line, and found they were not cheap. Most were (and are) upwards of $500. The apartment where we were living was “pet-friendly” for a “friendly” fee of $600, plus $25 a month in pet rent. This was getting to be a hefty chunk of change, so we decided against getting a dog until we could move into a house. Yet every day for what seemed liked months on end, I’d hear the words, “puppy, puppy, puppy” (from Shaun.) And for some reason, I kept looking for dogs until I found such a cute one that I couldn’t pass it up. A Cardigan Corgi, which is slightly different from your typical Welsh Corgi. Shaun and I decided to drive to the center of the state to meet this puppy, and of course there was no way, once we saw it, that we could leave without it. We bought it, but a few miles down the road I had a severe case of buyer’s remorse and we returned the puppy, in what is now referred to as “the puppy incident.”

When we moved into the house, Shaun still wanted a puppy, but they were still expensive. I decided I wanted a nice, cheap cat. My parents had recently adopted a stray, or rather, a stray had adopted them, and it reminded me how much I liked cats. When the house was in good enough shape, after a couple of months of repairs and upgrades, I was ready for a cat and I wasn’t going to wait. Luckily, the humane society was having an adopt-a-thon that weekend. We went, and after a long while searching for a kitten that wasn’t already taken and also, ready to go right away, we found a super cute little black kitty whose entire family had already been adopted. You know him as Sid, and I love Sid so much it boggles my brain. I love him even though he’s a handful and starts biting when he doesn’t get his way. He’s a big personality and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The cat who adopted my parents was from the next street over, and even when his owners claimed him, they brought him back to my parents because he wasn’t friendly with the other cat they had adopted. My parents loved this cat, a grey tabby. Even my dad loved it, and brushed it and petted it and talked to it, which is really weird because my dad really wasn’t fond of the cat I had growing up and I thought he wasn’t a cat person. But this cat they loved, and a couple of months ago he went missing. They don’t think he was run over because they never saw evidence of that. They think he either moved on to another family or got in a fight with the neighbor dog.  Either way, my mom REALLY misses the cat, and wants me to get her another one for Christmas. She wants another grey tabby, as they consider this last cat the best and most mild of any breed they’d ever had.



She called me today with news of a white cat someone needed a home for, or it would be put down by the shelter. I told her she should take it if she wanted it, but she said she’d rather wait for me to get her a cat. So I’m not sure why she called at all, except to make me feel bad for this poor white cat. After I hung up, I decided that with all the obsessing she’s doing over cats, maybe it would be best if Christmas came early this year. So Shaun and I went down to the humane society and found this cute, 4 mo. old grey tabby that had just been brought in. We decided to get him, though we can’t pick him up until Friday, in case his owners try to reclaim him. Of course, at some point while meeting the kitty, Shaun fell in love (again, how could you not?) and thought that maybe this kitty would be coming home with us. I knew this wouldn’t be an easy job, picking out an adorable little kitten and then giving it away, even if it is to my parents. But I didn’t know Shaun would make it so difficult. I loved this kitty too, and I’d love to save all the kitties, but I also think we’re best as a one cat household. Sid seems a bit territorial and I always say I love him so much I have no more love to give. But I still feel guilty because Shaun thought the tabby cat was so great, he actually threatened to move in with my parents if that’s where the cat ended up. It’s a little like living with a four-year old, I imagine.

Anyway, there are still discussions of getting a dog, as Shaun still wants a Corgi. However, I don’t really see us as dog people. We’re not home enough to really take care of a dog, and I don’t want to be the one stuck with the chores as I am with the cat. And as much as Shaun wants a Corgi, he loves the cat. While we were at the humane society, Shaun went to look at the dogs but didn’t stay very long. He said he got bored. So I’m thinking that he is not really a dog person, but try explaining that to him.

So what I’m trying to say here is there’s a lot of guilt floating around. I feel guilty that Shaun can’t get his dog. I feel guilty that I can’t save all the kitties, and I feel guilty that even though I’m saving this kitty and giving him a great home, I’m not giving him to Shaun. And I feel guilty that I could even think about bringing in another cat to the house when Sid is the owner of my affections. Who knew that animals could cause all this guilt?

I probably shouldn’t have kids.


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