Wally World Adventure

While I’m still a few days away from my Disney vacation, Shaun and I did decide to venture out to the Wal-Mart on Thursday afternoon. What a mistake! Nobody but nobody knows how to drive in snow around here, and boy did we get an up close look at that on our way home.

Normally Wal-Mart is not our destination of choice, but I was on a desperate quest for a tree-topper. Why is everybody making tree toppers with that wide, spiral spring at the bottom? That just doesn’t work. So I thought I’d see what Wal-Mart had to offer, which was, of course, the same as everybody else.

So we left the store at about 4:30 and driving from Wal-Mart to home would ordinarily take about 5 minutes. Well we sat and sat and sat at the light as the intersection was backed up for miles. We decided instead of turning onto the busy road, we would go straight and cut across the mall parking lot. At which point we sat and sat and sat and waited for another light, finally turning onto another blocked road. We had the option of taking the freeway or sitting through another light and taking the back way. Figuring the freeway would be a mess, we went the back way. Another mistake!

We sat, sat, sat at another light before turning onto another crowded street. We figured it was blocked all the way up to the four-way stop, a half a mile, maybe a mile ahead. What we found was that it was only blocked until the bottom of the hill, where cars were stopped waiting for the person in front to make it all the way up the steep hill. People were not doing well, and a whole host of people from the nearby housing complex were out on the side of the road, trying to guide drivers and helping push when necessary. Well finally, it was our turn, and of course we made it straight up the hill.

We thought we were free and we’d be able to drive all the way home, but we thought wrong. Another line had formed at the next all-way stop, a repeat of the stop completely, then try and make it up the hill scenario. (Though this was much less of a hill.) We were about three cars behind a school bus which, upon its attempt to make it up the hill, got stuck. It was now sticking out of our lane and into the oncoming traffic lane. The bus, trying to get out of the way, backed right into the ditch and nearly tipped over. SIGH.

So the cars in front of us decide to try and go around the bus up the hill, and every one of them gets stuck. By this time, the occupants of the nearest house had come out and were trying to help people, but basically they just told us to turn around, and they were letting the cars use their driveway. Well, once the traffic cleared, Shaun and I start driving up the hill, and one woman yelled at us, “If you don’t have four-wheel drive, you’ll never make it!” I yelled back, “It’s a Subaru!” and we zipped up the hill and on home. It only took us 90 minutes to do that five minute drive.

I guess they probably thought, looking at us in our little sports car, that no way would we make it up the hill, so it’s kind of funny that all those SUVs had to turn around and go back and we had no problems whatsoever. But that’s what’s great about Subarus, they all have all-wheel drive. In fact, my parents had one of the last Subarus, a legacy, that they ever made WITHOUT all-wheel drive, and at the time, that was even hard to get.

So I guess the moral of this story is…don’t bother with Wal-Mart.


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One Response to Wally World Adventure

  1. Gerry says:

    Heh… I disagree… the moral of the story is SUBARU’S ROCK!

    Mine’s found a lot of donuts in empty parking lots lately. Today was the first time I was even close to having any trouble. I saw some untracked snow on my street, and decided to give it a go. After about 30′, eventually I couldn’t go any further, and actually had to stick it in reverse to back up.

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