Let the Blogging Begin…

Greetings from 33,000 feet! (Too cliché? Okay, I’ll refrain from too many overused expressions.) Things have so far (knock on wood) gone well. Shaun’s parents dropped us off at the airport about an hour and a half before our flight. We sailed through security and grabbed lunch at Wendy’s, and from there we only had another ten minutes until the flight boarded. We took off on time and are currently above the clouds, on our way to Orlando. (Sorry, no wi-fi, this will be posted later tonight.)

One thing I was thinking about well before our departure date was the possibility of getting bumped up to first class, since we are in fact on our honeymoon. In a genius plan to be recognized as a blushing bride, I wore my black shirt with the word “bride” embroidered in cursive across the chest. The thing I did not think of beforehand was the fact that everything now is electronic and computerized, mercifully minimizing the amount of time spent face-to-face with ever-pleasant airport workers. But that meant that from the time we arrived at the airport until the time we boarded, the only actual person I spoke to was the security person. She asked where the person with the groom shirt was, which was cute, but didn’t get me moved to first class. Likely due to the recent Seattle snowstorm, ours was an overbooked flight so the odds were probably against us anyway.

When we first boarded the aircraft and were making our way through first class, the flight attended grabbed my arm, which really startled me. She then pointed at my shirt and asked, “are you?” I put on a big smile and said yes, that we just got married. She asked when, and when I explained that we were married over the summer but were just honeymooning now, she seemed disappointed and we were shown to our coach seats.

Actually, I will say these seats are pretty comfortable. They’re leather-like and cushy, and for the time being I am quite comfortable.

The person behind me hacking up a storm and the crying baby in front of me seem to be having a harder time.

To rewind just a bit, in packing for this trip, I really wanted a carry-on with wheels, since my Bugs Bunny arms have a policy against carrying heavy things. So I borrowed my mom’s cheap wheeled case. I had this nagging feeling that I had borrowed the suitcase before and either it didn’t roll very well or perhaps I had broken it. But I could not for the life of me remember which trip, and since we don’t take many trips or fly very often (this is the third time in seven years – previously we flew to Los Angeles and Maui), I figured I was hallucinating. I looked at the suitcase and rolled it when it was empty and it seemed fine. So when I finally finished packing about midnight last night, I rolled it again, and sure enough, it was scratching along the floor. Upon closer inspection, one of the wheels was broken, hanging from hinge. Son of a…. So rather than trying to repack everything in a duffle bag, I used it as an excuse to buy yet another bag, one of my favorite things to buy. I had seen before Christmas a very cute and unique carry-on at JCPenney, purple with big decorative circles. I decided I would get it first thing in the morning, busting down the doors of the mall when it opened at 10. (We were supposed to leave the house about 10:30.) Well, the mall was open at 10, but apparently, JCPenney doesn’t open until 11. So off to target to buy a less cute, more expensive bag. It’s nice and has more pockets than the broken one, but because it tapers at the top it may be a bit smaller. I still managed to get everything packed between it and the backpack I was also carrying. I worry that I’ll get stopped as having too much stuff, but I don’t think they care, at least not at SeaTac. Shaun even forgot take out his plastic baggie of liquids and got through with no questions asked. Glad they make us jump through all those hoops. Hey I bought a very nice toiletries kit, I want to use it! Three ounces in a clear Ziploc bag! What am I, a hobo? A shill for Ziploc?!? And still with the taking off of the shoes! Really?!?

Anyway, I imagine future posts will be shorter, but I had, and have, a lot of time to kill.

On the agenda tomorrow…Epcot! (Travel guides suggested not starting at the Magic Kingdom on a Monday or Tuesday because crowds were often worst these two days. French food here I come!)



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