Well we have arrived safely and all continued to go well after we got off the plane. The rental car was quick and easy to obtain and my GPS gave perfect directions to the hotel…

And then we got to the hotel. Very handsome from the outside, though a bit hard to tell from this dark pic.

Our room however is not what I was expecting. Not at all. I was very disappointed. I’ll post the pics in a second. First I should say we’re staying at this particular hotel as part of his Shaun’s parents timeshare package. I guess overall it’s not that bad, but if you look at their website and see the pictures they have available, you’ll probably be able to see why I’m disappointed. In fact, the hotel gets pretty good ratings on tripadvisor (though not as good as the hotel I wanted, which apparently was booked) but I don’t think graders stayed in this type of room, because even an exhaustive search of the consumer photos only reveals a couple of pictures of this particular tiny room with the tiny bathroom. (I think I’ll be fixing that!) Just an unfortunate reality check. As usual, reminds me of why although I like going new places, I hate going new places.

Anyway, the day is catching up with me, so more and hopefully better updates tomorrow!


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