Humidity: My hair’s best friend


Today we visited the infamous EPCOT. We started there because the guidebook said that the Magic Kingdom was busiest on Mondays & Tuesdays. If that’s true, I wouldn’t have wanted to see it today. Epcot was extremely busy, with the few big rides the park does possess having wait times of over two hours. We were able to FastPass Maelstrom and Test Track, but missed out on Soarin’ and Mission Space. Soarin’ seemed to be the top attraction, having the longest wait times throughout the day. By the time we meandered by Soarin’ the FastPass was sold out, but we didn’t care too much about it, having been on it a few times our last visit to Disneyland.

I know it will come as quite a shock to those who know me, but overall I would have to say I was a bit underwhelmed by Epcot. The rides were rather ho-hum, and the idea of the little recreated countries just didn’t do it for me. We wanted to have the French food for lunch, but needed reservations which we could not get. So we wound up paying $53 plus tip for lunch at a place that could only be described as sub-Olive Garden.

I wanted to stay for the fireworks display, but after two days of minimal sleep and an exhausting day of walking and lugging my DV camera (which I did not use), I just didn’t have the extra two hours in me. Since the difference between buying a four-day pass and a five-day pass was something like four dollars, we went with the five, figuring one day for each of the four parks, then if needed, we could go back and catch anything we missed. The French food and fireworks may be it.

Earlier in the day as we drove to the park, Shaun and I were lamenting the decision to stay outside the park. Staying in the park would have eliminated our need for a rental car, and they offer free parking and “extra magic hours” to guests of the park. But after our $53 dollar lunch and $9 snack, we were happy to be able to drive away from the park and pay a mere $24 for a sit-down dinner at a pizza place. Since Disney World is so huge, without a car, it would be difficult to get away to find a reasonably priced meal. If we had to eat every meal at Disney prices, we could easily hit or surpass the cost of the car.

I think it’s really odd that they have an entire attraction with Ellen Degeneres, yet they couldn’t get her to play the voice of Dory, the Finding Nemo fish on the Nemo ride.

Tomorrow we poke the kitties at Animal Kingdom.

I miss my Sid!


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