And the winner is…

Hollywood Studios! Well, it is the winner for the day, at least. Shaun and I decided to spend our last day at Disney World, not Universal, and the last of our five day ticket was spent at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There were two rides we really wanted to go on: Mission Space at Epcot, and Toy Story Mania 4-D at Hollywood Studios. I thought we’d have more fun at Hollywood, especially since it is home to my favorite, Tower of Terror. So back we went and immediately obtained a fast pass for Toy Story, which didn’t come up until 5:30. We spent the day doing some of the other attractions, like the Great Movie Ride, Star Tours, and Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey. All pretty lame. Lunch was even lamer. I remember the food at Disney Land being overpriced but edible, with a distinct flavor of Chef Boyardee, but the food at Disney World is barely passable. See picture below.

My main question upon leaving is why Disney gets to co-opt anything that’s popular, whether it’s Disney or not. They’re building an American Idol attraction which is set to open in 2009, there’s a ton of Indiana Jones and Star Wars stuff, from rides to merchandise. There’s Winnie the Pooh, which Disney got its hands on long ago, and even my favorite, the Tower of Terror, is the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Oh and since when is Aerosmith even remotely Disney? (e.g., Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster with Aerosmith.) I heard YMCA several times in all the parks, and there was a cover band playing at the Hollywood Studios. Today they were playing the Eagles Life in the Fast Lane, and there are just a lot of lyrics in that song that needed to be changed to be appropriate for Disney.

Anyway, all in all I will remember the trip fondly. The weather was great. We had fun doing some pin collecting, which we started on our previous trip to California. On New Year’s Eve, I actually heard the Beatles Twist and Shout played over the loudspeakers. And yesterday and today, the crowds were thinning. Today was the best day, crowd-wise. There were still plenty of people in line for rides, but we could actually move about the park freely, and the lines for food and the bathroom were small. If I were to come here again, I would definitely wait until after New Year’s.

Oh and for some unknown reason, we were able to park for free today.

I’ll finish up some of the stories after I get home, but for now, some pics of our last day…


A pretty scene...

A pretty scene…


A Disney Duck






The Great Movie Ride was… not so great.



Entrance to the parking lot…free for us today only!


Sponsored by Coke.



Me & Nessie



The happy couple wants a few pictures together…



We found a mall! Or possibly a swimming pool.



What Disney wants, Disney gets…


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One Response to And the winner is…

  1. Marty says:

    Hi Jen! (and Shaun)
    This Marty (from Shaun’s work). I read over all your adventures in Disney World and it all sounded pretty cool. I am going on a vacation with some friends soon and Florida/Disney World was one of the options, so it was nice to get an idea of what we might see if we go there.
    Anyway, hopefully you had a good time overall and I’ll let you know if I go myself 🙂


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