Television’s New Frontier

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story   *1/2

Role Models   ***

I have to say that Hulu and Netflix’s Watch Instantly feature are impressing me. I recently did a paper on Hulu and internet television in which I had to predict the future of television. I believe what is happening right now, with the ability to watch new material online with little to no commercial interruption is a rennaissance of sorts. And I love it.

Between Hulu and Netflix Watch Instantly, I’m more impressed with Netflix because they have a bigger library and are completely commercial free. This is of course a service that we pay for, but we only pay to receive two movies at a time (one for me, one for Shaun) and we get unlimited access to watch instantly. Not only do we save money on renting movies, which now cost $5 per new release title, but I have watched an entire season of Law & Order: CI on demand and commercial free.

Hulu’s advantage over Netflix, I believe,  is the ability to watch brand new material that hasn’t yet made its way to DVD. It is how I caught up on the show in the previous post, Lie to Me, when I discovered it. halfway through its first season. However, because Hulu doesn’t have all NBC and FOX shows, and because the timing for every show is different – some episodes expire after a few weeks, some show up immediately, some not for over a week – it has a more limited appeal. 

Both of these services look pretty good, too. We have a PC media center in our living room (running Windows 7 which allows us to record the digital, hi-def channels) and I watch Hulu and Netflix on our big, LCD TV. They don’t look as good as a hi-def channel or a Blu-ray, but they look and sound better than most of the cable channels. 

I’ve had insomnia the past few nights so I wound up watching, through Netflix Watch Instantly, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. I noticed the credits were a little hard to read, but other than that everything looked fine. The movie itself wasn’t much…except for one scene involving “the Beatles.”  Jack Black plays Paul McCartney, and in the worst English accent I’ve ever heard in my life, tells Paul Rudd’s John Lennon, “I’m sick of you being so dark when I’m so impish and whimsical. I’m sick of it!” Worth the price of admission. In the scene, Justin Long plays George Harrison and Jason Schwartzman plays Ringo Starr, and they get a few funny lines too. If any of you have Netflix, you can dial this movie up on the Watch Instantly page and this scene is about 54 minutes into the movie.

I’ll also mention, just for good measure, that I watched (through the mail) Role Models, and it was WAY funnier than I thought it would be. It was definitely raunchy, but there’s some sort of raunch line and this movie fell to my side of the line. Some raunch, like Superbad is just righteously unfunny, offensive, pathetic and a waste of time. Some is just regular, middle-of-the-road unfunny. And then there are movies like Role Models that genuinely make me laugh and I don’t know why. I think this movie has a South Park quality. It’s a bunch of not-exactly-real characters surrounded by absurdity. I liked the balance of the foul-mouthed outrageous younger kid and the ultra-nerdy older kid. If they’d had only one type of kid, it wouldn’t have worked so well. And the impish and whimsical Paul Rudd is always – well – impish and whimsical.


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