Writing about writing

I said in my previous post about the new Star Trek film that it is my long-held belief that the “real rewards in storytelling lie in crafting an interesting and compelling story out of domestic, quotidian material.”

I later read a blog post by a friend of mine in which she stated she aims for five new posts a week. She struggles with the same issues I have when contemplating what to write, not wanting posts to get too boring (8 a.m. – Cocoa Puffs. 8:15 – Chocolate Milk), but not always having the time or material for a polished, focused essay. She does an excellent job with her material. Though I can’t say I keep up with her blog five times a week, what I read is interesting and well done. I suppose if I didn’t know her at all it would be less so, but I haven’t seen her since high school, so much of her current life is completely foreign to me. That possibly makes it more interesting, but the point here is she is able to able to craft interesting posts about domestic material.

I on the other hand have settled into a mode of mostly movie reviews. I’ve done this because I’m not a terribly active person, particularly right now when work is scarce and money is low. My husband is not very active either, preferring to play video games or work on his Mame arcade. What a domestic, quotidian life we lead. 

Well I’ve taken to heart my own advice and been inspired by my friend. Though on my very best days I think I reach about 3 people with this blog (Not even my mom understands the point of blogs and apparently could care less what I am doing), so if only for you three and myself I present to you a day in the life of an editor…


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One Response to Writing about writing

  1. bflynn says:

    I average about 8 readers a day, and I’m pretty sure that one is my mom, one is my mother-in-law and one is my brother (who has me on his Google RSS feed). Sigh.

    The trick to getting your mom to read your blog is to have that be the spot you post pictures of her grandchildren. This works like a charm.

    9:45 pm Chocolate chip cookies and milk

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