I hate to get all Andy Rooney on you here, but I have a pet peeve I need to express. Why must vacuum cleaners suck so much? (And not in the good way, where they would actually suck up dirt from the floor.) And who’s idea was it for a bagless vacuum anyway?

Last year, when Shaun and I were registering for wedding gifts, we knew we’d son be needing a vacuum so we looked over everything they had at Target and selected a Bissel Lift-Off Revolution Pet Hair Eraser. It is a bagless vacuum cleaner, which I have long been suspicious of, but Target had only bagless vacuums from which to choose. One of my cousins wrote in the card that accompanied her gift that if no one bought us the vacuum, we should buy it ourselves because she had the same one and she loved it. We used some of the gift money we received to do just that. How anyone could like this vacuum, or bagless vacuums in general, is beyond me.

Emptying the canister on a bagless vacuum is a dirty, dusty task which must be done every two or three vacuumings. Personally, I consider seeing all the crap the vacuum picked up from my floor completely unnecessary. Not to mention dumping the canister seems to release a bunch of particles back into the air. Then, the “conveniently” washable filters get clogged and need washing too, which requires you to touch all that dirt. And the way our vacuum cleaner told us it needed its filters cleaned was to blow the circuit breaker and shut off power to whatever part of the house I was vacuuming. I wound up in the dark more times than I can count, and when you have to stop in the middle of what you’re doing to wash the filters andlet them dry, well you’re done vacuuming for the day.

Oh but the canister and filters were not the only problem with this vacuum cleaner. The long handle on the attachment, instead of being two separate parts, was one part with a “locking mechanism” that stayed locked about as long as Amy Winehouse stayed sober. Then the hose part of the attachment was a thick, accordion style tube, and attempting to stretch the accordion even a little bit, to reach that dust bunny under the bed, tipped over the whole vacuum.

The vacuum itself detached into two parts, so that you could use it like a canister on the stairs. I thought that would be handy, having lots of stairs to vacuum. But the cord always got tangled up in the base of the vacuum.

The pet hair brush would frequently get hair wound around it and stop working. I unclogged it again a few days ago, but it decided that wasn’t good enough and stopped working altogether.

The “furniture bumpers” on the bottom part were in frequent use because it was hard to maneuver, any slight tilt upward would cause the brush to stop spinning, it was heavy and loud and also, extremely hot.

Yesterday, while attempting to use the attachment, the vacuum cleaner once again tipped over, but this time it hit me on the head. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I went straight out and bought a new vacuum cleaner. I’m not normally an impuslive person, especially when it comes to any purchase more expensive than a can of cat food, but I was fed up. I’m the only one who vacuums, so it’s in everyone’s best interest if I have a cleaner that doesn’t make me homicidal. Knowing for certain now what I did NOT want, I figured I was bound to get something at least slightly better.

Of course, not only was I notgoing to get a Bissell, I also didn’t want a Hoover, because my parents have had two of those with frequent problems, and consumer’s guide routinely calls them unreliable. Well there were only three bagged vacs to choose from anyway, so I went with a Eureka Boss Smart Vac. The reviews I read of it said it had powerful suction but was heavy, but most people liked it. One complaint they had about the Eureka was the step mechanism to get it to lean back required some force, but I’m just hoping that means it’s sturdier.

Having owned and operated this vacuum for one day, I can tell you that it is definitely powerful, and while heavy is actually lighter than the Bissell. It is easier to pick up and carry around (no canister needed), the attachment hose is in two separate parts that stay together better than the locking mechanism, and even with significant force on the accordion hose, I was unable to tip the whole thing over. It maneuvers better, and because the bottom part is not so bulky, I can get underneath the bookshelves. It’s bare floor mechanism works better than the Bissell (a feature highly rated by users.) It’s quieter. And I know that I won’t have to physically touch each piece of dust it picks up. $1.50 for a replacement bag for that particular convenience is well worth it, in my humble opinion.

Vacuums, pheh. And don’t get me started on cell phones or the wordpress image uploader.


Bad Vacuum

Bad Vacuum


Better Vacuum

Better Vacuum



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3 Responses to Eureka!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Dang! Would have I known that you were to invest in a bagless vacum…. We bought one when we moved to Hawaii and I hated it exactly for the same reasons you hate yours!!! I would have strongly recommended you NOT to invest in one. Anyway, we live and learn, so that should be a lesson learnt! =)

  2. Dean Joe says:

    Going with bag less vacuum cleaners sometimes comes with some irritating downsides and shortcomings. I’m still enjoying my eureka vacuum cleaner for a year now and it is still in perfect condition. Best advice, don’t go for advertising gimmicks. Do your research and weigh them in before purchasing.

  3. Gerry says:

    Vacuum’s suck…
    Unless you reverse them…
    Then they blow….

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