Upcoming posts…

First I want to say thanks to those who responded to my previous post (either here or on Facebook) about knowing your neighbors. You let me know that I am:

1) A strange and reclusive hermit, and

2) SOL if I need a cup of sugar or help surviving the zombie apocalypse.

(Although I have to say I don’t feel entirely at fault – none of our neighbors have tried to get to know us either and why should I have to shoulder all the burden?)

So since I have managed to up my readership and even have a few regular readers, I want to let you know that every week for the next 7 weeks, you’ll be seeing posts with the category “COM597: Web Storytelling.” These will be posts for my summer quarter class at the UW and may not, if you choose to read them, make a whole lot of sense.

I will continue updating the personal stuff on a semi-regular basis.

Thanks for reading!



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