New Year’s Eve Traditions

I took New Year’s Eve really seriously when I was a kid. I’d spend months collecting the chads from three-hole punches and ripping up scrap paper to make confetti. The night of, I’d buy lots of food and snacks from the grocery store, bring my bean bag chair down to the living room, plop it and myself in front of the tv and stay up until midnight. I always made it to midnight. Once a night owl, always a night owl.

I usually made a host of resolutions as well. Some people think resolutions are stupid but I always liked making them. The first day of the new year may be as arbitrary as any other for deciding to change things about your life, but I always put myself on a deadline to come up with the resolutions before midnight and the pressure was motivating. I’m not sure when I last made resolutions, but I thought I’d make some today (before midnight) and declare them out loud for safe keeping.

Well all except for one. I’ve been making one particular resolution every year for at least the past 15 years, maybe more. And I’ve never kept it. I’ll make it again this year and see what happens. Care to venture a guess?

As for the others, I want to…

Finish my novel.

Become physically stronger, particulary within my upper body. (I remember making this one last year, actually. Sort of kept it, but not really.)\

Finish school (throw that one in because it’s practically a given.)

Teach the cat to do the hokey pokey (How boring would it be to keep all your resolutions?)

Do/find what it takes to have more energy.

Cook more meals at home.

A sunnier attitude probably wouldn’t kill me.

Make decisions quicker. (This may be inextricably linked the the energy thing.)

And that’s probably good enough. Wouldn’t want to overwork myself. I don’t have the energy.


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2 Responses to New Year’s Eve Traditions

  1. Cammy says:

    Okay, I’m dying to know what the annual resolution is. I know you don’t have any nasty habits like smoking to kick, and I don’t see you as the type to make a weight loss resolution 15 years in a row… I’m going to guess it’s a resolution to start writing on a daily basis. But maybe that goes into the novel resolution. Hmmm… I’m going to be thinking about this now.

  2. suitejen says:

    I’ll never tell. At least not publicly. You’ll have to call me.
    = P I will say you’re wrong on all three counts, but the first guess was the closest.

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