I can’t seem to find a balance between total, complete, sitting-in-a-chair-and-staring-at-a-wall boredom and pants on fire busy-ness.

This week has seen me working two jobs, 12-hours a day, and upsettingly unavailable to do some much needed party-prep for this weekend’s annual Groundhog’s day feast and festivities (more on that next time).

And now I’m sitting, waiting for my 4-hour weekly class to begin, knowing that after my rather dull 4-hour workday this afternoon, I will soon be rattling through whatever marginally entertaining ideas my brain can come up with to keep itself from falling asleep.

Here are some of those thoughts:

I just wolfed down a 6-inch sub and two cookies and was convinced I was still hungry. Perhaps it was the heavenly smell of Pagliacci’s pizza wafting through the air, or perhaps the influence of being served (mistakenly) a diet instead of a regular drink, but now in class, without indulging in that slice of pizza, I feel fine. I am occasionally stricken with a football-player sized appetite and it can take days until I feel full. Then I can survive for days on a low-calorie diet. The football-player appetite days are more fun.

After wofling down the sub, and looking through the “marketplace” for either a snack or a better drink, I ran into the professor I had last winter quarter. We started off on such an awful foot, yet I now consider him the best professor in the program, particularly in terms of academic interpretation and what I expected classes/lecture to be like in graduate school. He is also so sarcastic he makes Jon Stewart look like Pollyanna.

I have this lesion on my lip that is FINALLY starting to diminish thanks to the antibiotics I was taking to get over bronchitis, but has, as of this morning,  turned black. It’s hard to hide or cover up an ugly black zit on your lip. You just have to hope people think you drew it on there in a failed attempt to look more like Cindy Crawford.

One of my favorite shows, Ugly Betty, in the midst of what is its best season ever, has been cancelled. I’m annoyed, but happy I will have fond memories of the show rather than having to complain about how good it used to be.

I liked this NPR article on time as I’ve felt recently like time could just not fly by any faster. I think it’s why I like to travel and do home improvements, because they are sure fire ways for me to experience new things and feel more productive.

I have been told many times, amid tears, anger and/or frustration, that I will look back upon such and such with fondness. Some people were wrong about that, but some people were right.

I’ve been having a really hard time lately thinking of endings to papers and posts. But I also, in the words of the great Grouch Marx, can’t think of anything else.


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