Another day, another degree

Well I finally did it. I finished graduate school and now have a Masters of Communication in Digital Media. Technically I’m still waiting on that last grade to come in and I suppose things could go terribly wrong, but I doubt it. I’ve been thinking of using the blog to do some great summation of the experiences that were graduate school, but….eh.

I do however want to share with you my final paper for my final class, “psychology of digital media.” It’s definitely not the best paper I wrote and it definitely wasn’t the best class, but it has some important information in it. And it’s short. We had to pick from several preassigned topics on a “major contemporary issue” and because the subject was hot off the presses, the professor thought there would not be enough research to write for more than five pages. I did my paper on cell phones and driving and I easily could have gone on for 15 or 20 pages. This short piece of prose probably won’t even earn me a great grade as I doubt it’s the paper my professor is hoping to read. But it’s the one I wanted to write, and if you ever drive and talk on your cell phone, especially if you follow the law and use a headset, you should read it right now.



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