Climb into the dawn

I used to be a really terrible insomniac. For years and years, from the time I was in middle school all the way through college. I was never made for that early a.m. school schedule. In college I was able to schedule my classes for later, but that didn’t stop me from laying awake in bed for hours each night. Then, after school, when I started commuting for work, my insomnia went away. Now it’s all anyone can do to keep me awake. Making up for lost time, I guess.

I was always the type of insomniac that couldn’t fall asleep. There are other kinds, you ask? Why yes, there are. There’s the kind that falls asleep fine, but wakes up too early and can’t fall back asleep. When I do suffer the occasional bout of insomnia these days, as everybody does, I am the second type of insomniac. 

And there are few things that can send me into a tailspin of insomnia like travel. I don’t travel all that often so when I do, I make a big deal out of it. And all the prep work researching all the things I must do on my visit and the hours spent packing add up the night – or now I should say morning – before.

So I have been up as of about 5:30 this morning. I’ve also been in a car, on a plane, on the BART and two cable cars. (I’m in San Francisco, for those who didn’t know or haven’t guessed.) So man I hope to sleep well tonight.

Of course impeding this ever so slightly is that the very cute boutique hotel I booked does not have air conditioning. I’ve been checking the weather for weeks and the high has been holding at about 64 degrees. So I was in fact very happy to land at SFO today to blue skies and 85 degree temperatures. I mean, I AM on vacation and nice weather is kinda key to vacation for us Seattle-ites. But as in Seattle, San Francisco probably needs air conditioning three days a year, and we’re here for those three days.

So because I am WAY too tired to try to even attempt formatting this post with pictures, those that don’t follow me on Facebook can check out some of my pictures here..


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