I got blisters on my toes!

Day 2 of conquering San Francisco. I was a bit overwhelmed when researching activities for San Francisco. This is a big place and with just a short time available on our vacation, it was hard to figure what would be the right amount of things to attempt to accomplish. With the exception of Alcatraz, I decided to play it by ear. No restaurants we had to eat at or specific itineraries. I think it’s gone well so far.

I missed Alcatraz the first and only other time I have been to San Francisco, so it was our only pre-planned activity this week. And boy did that create some stress, as we looked at the line for the cable cars and knew we’d never make the 11:30 sailing we’d already paid for. (Honestly, with all the lines we’ve had to wait in, we might as well be at Disneyland.) Luckily there are lots of transit options in SF and we were able to find the F-train. Once we were in line for the ferry, I breathed a sigh of relief not only that we made it but that I’d not made any other plans. As for Alcatraz itself, I was pretty impressed. There is a rich history and lots of stories and I found it educational and entertaining.

We also walked up Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the world. And I don’t just mean up the crooked part. I mean ALL the way up Lombard street. Christ that was a steep hill. The crooked part is surprisingly well-traveled by drivers, though to my chagrin, it is difficult to capture the entirety of it – the overall impression of the crookedness – in a photograph. Or at least that was the case from my vantage point.

Both Alcatraz and Lombard Street offered incredible views of the city, and we couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather while we are here. Why, it’s just like summer…

And to top all of it off, the food here has been great. I think that might mean I am having fun…?!? It’s too expensive, and that always wreaks havoc on my nervous system, but I will get over it.

Photos here:

I got blisters on my toes!

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