Another WGC Milestone

Another “World’s Greatest Car” Milestone…

Over the weekend, the world’s best car hit 150,000 miles. Lately we’ve taken to calling the car the “Raspberry,” an homage to the blue Toyota Echo on Psych named the “Blueberry,” but the car’s given name is Ms. Jho Nesbitt. The names were pneumonic devices to help me remember the license plate numbers. In fact, this 12-year-old car has gone through three license plates. The first was stolen and I recently had to replace the second due to the law in Washington State that requires new plates every seven years. I don’t have a pneumonic for the third plate, because really, how many names can a car have?

And that’s about the most trouble I’ve had with this car. Most of the other problems are chronicled on this blog, but they don’t account for many posts. I’ve had the tires changed twice, the brakes twice, the battery once and the sparks plugs a few times before realizing the coil pack also needed to be replaced. The windshield has been replaced once and is currently cracked. The console lights have burnt out, one of the automatic locks is broken and the floor mat has been worn down to nothing underneath my driving foot.

Yet, when a car is this reliable, age is nothing but your friend. I do a lot of driving. 80 miles a day minimum. The car is dirty, dinged and bruised and well, who cares? It’s old. It’s allowed to be. I’ve been told nothing, especially cars, lasts forever, so it seems a new car will be an inevitably at some point. I’ll admit I have the occasional daydream about getting a new car. The advancements in cup holder technology alone over the past 12 years are staggering. But if I got a new car I’d have to worry about every new ding and bruise. I might feel the need to wash it more than once every six months and honestly, who has that kind of time?

 And have I mentioned I get 38 miles to the gallon highway? It takes a hybrid to get that kind of mileage out of more modern cars.

Now that I have hit this milestone, it has crossed my mind that I might want to get the car checked out. A well-car appointment. But the few times I have gone to a mechanic, they have found nothing wrong with the car. Frankly, it’s getting embarrassing. They just can’t fix something that’s already running.

You may have heard some news about Toyota over the past six months or so. They were having some issues. Looks like those faulty brakes may have been driver error though. In any event, I would not hesitate to buy another Toyota, but for the present, my motto is, “if it ain’t broke, don’t spend a lot of money replacing it with something that probably won’t last as long.”  

Long live the Raspberry.


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