My Annual Oscar Post – 2011 Edition

I wish I had more to say about this year’s Oscars. I like looking back on older posts to see what was nominated and what I had been watching. This year, I’ve only seen two of the ten nominated films: Moneyball  and Midnight in Paris. To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about either of them. Of the two I liked Midnight in Paris better, but I didn’t think it was one of Allen’s best, nor did I appreciate the fantastical element that transported the film’s main character back to the 1920s. I don’t normally watch films about sports, but I was intrigued by the concept and previews for Moneyball. I think it was a decent film, but it was hard to tell because I watched with many interruptions and distractions, courtesy of my baby girl. And since I know jack squat about sports, I had to keep asking my husband what was happening.

Part of the reason I haven’t seen more of the nominated films is that they aren’t yet out on DVD (in addition to the aforementioned films, only The Help and Tree of Life are available now), but the other part is that I’m not very interested in them. I really want to see The Descendants, but that’s the only one. I am hoping that by watching the show, I might become more interested in some of the nominees. Unfortunately, while watching part of the BAFTAs on our inexplicable feed of BBC America, the ending was spoiled in a clip. I HATE SPOILERS, despite this recent study that says people actually enjoy ruined endings, which I think is a bunch of social “science” bullshit. Stories are supposed to make you feel – feel good, sad, scared, uncomfortable. Stephen Colbert agrees with me. Anyway, my hope is to have my interest piqued without ruining any plot twists.

Moving on, my favorite film of the year usually winds up winning in one of the best screenplay categories (adapted or original) but this year it is not nominated for a single thing. Perhaps because I haven’t seen much since September, I will eventually stumble upon something I like better, but the best film I saw last year was 50/50. This film was well-written, well-acted (I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I’m forgiving him his little Inception transgression) and just clicked and clipped along. Though I’m nowhere in the vicinity of Seth Rogen‘s fan club (no girls allowed since 2007), and though he was playing himself in this movie which is based on a true story, he worked in this film and the chemistry between him and Gordon-Levitt was spot on.

Finally, I was so happy to see Randy Newman win the best original song category last year for his wonderful tune We Belong Together  from Toy Story 3. This year, only two songs are nominated in that category. Only two? Seems odd. Were there only two eligible songs? Couldn’t be. It’s an Oscar anomaly, I guess, but if you’re interested at all in this category, this is an interesting article. It points out Oscar’s long history of getting it wrong, even or should I say especially, in the best song category.

So though I don’t have a rooting interest this year, I’ll still watch the whole show as I do every year (interruptions excepted and possibly welcomed, if they come at opportune times – say during the President’s message.) I suppose the one thing I’m rooting for is that the best film – the one that will stand the test of time and be given a Felix 20 years down the line – actually wins, and that someday I have the time to see it.


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