My Place to Rest My Head

I think there are just a few things in life, maybe even just a few times, that make you feel like an adult. Graduating from college, getting a job, getting married, buying a house and having a baby are the ones that immediately spring to my mind. There’s one other thing – one that comes with much less pomp and circumstance – that I think qualifies one to feel like an adult for a moment: Buying real, matching furniture. When my husband and I moved in together just about 7 years ago, we had only one piece of furniture, which was an Ikea bed frame we’d acquired from his sister. The rest of the apartment was empty, so I went out and bought a papasan chair, which was a piece of “furniture” I’d been wanting for a while. At the time I was working nights and my husband was working days, so we took turns sitting in the chair. Eventually sitting and eating off the floor got tiresome, so we bought a couch and a dining room table that we still have today. I bought end tables and a coffee table at Target after moving in the house, and a couple of Ikea bookcases to boot. But it’s all been a hodgepodge. Not a bad hodgepodge, as I stayed in the same color frame, but at some point one longs for furniture that does not have cam-locks.

The aforementioned Ikea bed frame was decent, as far as Ikea furniture goes, but it had a penchant for punishment. The footboard liked to catch us in the thigh when walking past, causing a big, blue bruise and even bluer language. I also disliked making the bed with a footboard, having to squeeze the covers down between the end of the mattress and the footboard. I’d been searching for a bed with storage for several years, as a giant bed frame has always seemed a great and logical place to put extra storage. On a beautiful weekend in April, my husband and I found ourselves browsing the local furniture store and happened upon the bed I’d been searching for all these years. I hesitated when it came to the matching nightstands, as two would double the cost of the bed. But the nightstands had three drawers (I love me some extra storage), built-in nightlights, and a hidden charger in the top drawer. The whole kit and kaboodle was beautiful, and I could not resist the lure of matching furniture. Finally, we have a bedroom set.

Though I hate change and spending any kind of money, and hated parting with my old nightstand, it’s nice to walk into a room that smells of cedar. It’s sublime to just drape the covers over the bed and be done with it. It’s much easier to sit up and read or watch TV with the sleigh bed design. My only complaint is the hidden charger in the nightstands was not designed well. The cables pull when you open the drawers and then have to retract when you push the drawers shut. This makes it impossible to close the top drawer all the way and somehow affects the second drawer as well. It’s annoying enough I may stop using it.

I imagine the "hidden charger" is a major selling point from this manufacturer, and I imagine many people wind up disappointed, like me.

Furniture may be kind of low on the feeling-like-an-adult spectrum, and I don’t know that I ever feel much like an adult. More like a petulant teenager burdened with the boredom of a mortgage payment. But the furniture is nice, and while the bedroom is the least visible place in the house, I’m glad we upgraded there first, because I’m sure it won’t be long before the rest of the furniture, having been scratched up and puked on, has to be replaced.

Sleigh Bed


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