My One-Year-Old

I can’t believe my baby is one year old.

The last six months has flown by. Which I think is a nice trade-off, since no one tells you how achingly slow those first few months are.

So it came to be that on a beautiful sunny September morning, we celebrated year numero uno with our friends at a park in our hometown. I made a big to-do out of planning this party. I bought decorations, plates and napkins that said “Happy First Birthday” and a candle in the shape of the number one. I bought party favors for the kids and packaged them up in cute little boxes. I planned on arriving early to get a primo picnic spot near the playground. I spent an inordinate amount of time filling out blank spots in the two baby books I have and lost two memory cards trying to print the necessary pictures (Baby at one month, Baby in bath, etc.). We bought pizza and drinks and of course the cake, which came with a free 8″ round cake for the baby to destroy as desired.

Happy 1st Birthday Sonja

It’s All Mine!

Some things went as planned. The baby dug into and destroyed (but only mildly) her cake. She loved it. Pizza was enjoyed by all.


Mo-om, that’s MY cake!

Some things didn’t go as planned. By the time we arrived at the park – late – the primo picnic spot was taken. I brought the baby books but I don’t think anyone noticed them. It took so long for Dad to get the pizzas and the cake to the park that some people had to leave before Sonja got to open her presents.

Some things were forgotten. A knife for the big cake. A lighter for the candle. To give out the party favors.

Overall though, a good time was had by all, especially the guest of honor, who enjoyed seeing all the people, getting frosting all over and being taken for walks in her stroller. At one year old, Sonja is very close to walking but skipped crawling. She enjoys eating some baby foods, especially if you let her feed herself, but what she really wants to eat is whatever Mom and Dad are eating. If she likes what she’s eating, she’ll say “num!” If she doesn’t, she’ll make sour face and spit it out.

Speaking of words, she can say uh-oh, mama and dada, and says nana for banana, ni-ni for night-night and bow-wow for dog. She tries to say kitty when she sees our cat but it comes out more like “gehgi” and she tries to say cookie but it comes out as “ghoo-ga.” It doesn’t matter how she says it, the affection with which she says the syllables when she’s looking at her box of apple-ginger baby cookies confirms she’s my offspring.

She understands the commands “shake” and “bye-bye” and she can make the sign for “more,” though I think she uses this sign to indicate hunger in general. She will also shake her finger at you if you tell her no.

While still a pretty mellow baby, she’s no longer content to sit and play with her toys, at least not very often, because she wants to be cruisin’. If you try to sit her down and don’t immediately distract her, she’ll cry. She’s content sit in her stroller for walks in the great outdoors, but in the mall or grocery store she will sit for a limited amount of time before she insists on being carried. I’ve never had much upper body strength but I’m guessing this is my prime time.

So close to walking!

I hear all the time that she is “so tiny” for being one year old. For a while when she was dropping in weight percentile I would worry, but she’s a happy, healthy baby so that’s that.

Happy birthday baby girl! May you stay forever young.

Here Mom, you look thirsty…


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