My Husband’s Birthday – 2012 edition

I know my husband hates when I immortalize him on my blog, but when thinking of ideas to stockpile for November, his birthday was one of the first things to pop into my head. Early November = my husband’s birthday and elections, occasionally on the same day.

Of course writing about elections or birthdays that haven’t happened yet is strange. The faithful standby celebration, the one we fell back on last year as the exhausted parents of an infant, is dinner and a movie. This year there’s a little more light in our eyes and fewer dark circles under them, and rumor has it there will be bowling.

But what to talk about and how best to immortalize a birthday that, at the time of writing, hasn’t happened? Well, I thought perhaps Sonja might like to know a little bit about what her father was like when she was one*. (See honey? You can’t get mad at me because it’s not about me! It’s about your daughter!)

First of all, Sonja, your father is a great dad. From staying up with you all night in the early days to entertaining you and laughing hysterically at your funny antics nowadays, he’s really crazy about you. He wishes his days and commute were not so long so he could spend more time with you.

Dad meets Sonja

Helping out at midnight

You’re crazy about him too. Every time he comes into the room, you yell, “Dada!” In fact, you yell it when you hear him coming down the stairs in the morning and when you hear the garage door open in the evening. And I don’t blame you for being crazy about him. Dad’s a fun guy. He’s young at heart, so he’s good at making funny noises and flying you around the room and helping you play with your toys. He’s already telling me stupid jokes and puns he reads on the internet, so that should be entertaining for you someday. With all his Nerf guns and video games and his preference for watching animated movies, Dad’s so going to be the greatest.person.ever someday. After that, you’re going to hate us both, but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

Raspberries and Video Games

Flying around

Dad’s going to be really useful to you too. Not only will he play video games and watch cartoons with you, he can teach you how to build stuff. Neat little electronicky, crafty type projects that will be fun to show off to your friends. He’s a good cook. He taught me how to cook and he can teach you too. That may sound boring but trust me, you’re going to want to know. And when you turn 16, he can teach you how to drive. Go straight to Dad with this one. Do not pass Mom, do not collect $200.

So for all the things he’s done already and for all the things he’s going to do, let’s wish him a happy birthday!

Like Father, Like Daughter

Like Father, Like Daughter Part 2

*For the rundown on what he was like a few years ago, before we were parents, go here.)


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