My Evolved House

Things have a way of evolving, don’t they? For instance, I decided to start a blog on the subject of house hunting because it was such an arduous and painful process and I wanted to vent. After we bought a house, the subject evolved to be the repairs and headaches involved in owning a house. Eventually any semblance of theme beyond “stuff I want to talk about” went out the window. And while blogs with hopes of having readers in the double digits don’t have the option of being theme-less, it suits me and my blog just fine.

Even though I don’t routinely use the blog to talk about the house anymore, the house is still evolving. I think it’s high time for an update, even if the only impetus for the update is as a NaNoWriMo stockpiled topic. It’s a good topic with lots of pictures so who cares how we got here, right?!?

We’re in year five of owning this house and overall, it’s been a nice house. It has a nice layout and we have a decent amount of space, even now that we’re plus one. Though it was butt-ugly when we moved in, a few simple cosmetic changes have turned it into quite the charmer. We did a lot of work before we moved in, updating the floors and painting the walls. After we got settled I made a list of projects that I wanted to get done, and though there’s many an item left on the list, and it grows more than it shrinks, it is undeniable that we’ve made progress.

For instance, I removed the ugly wallpaper from the laundry room and painted it a nice bright color to coordinate with the tile floors.



We redid the closet in the master bedroom.

Closet Before


Closet Redo After


We tiled the showers in the main and guest baths and last year we had new flooring installed in both bathrooms, which were the only floors in the whole house we’d yet to replace.







Last Christmas I finally found the perfect piece for our entryway that makes that area feel finished.

Before we moved in

After some work was done


A couple of years ago I embarked upon a difficult re-painting of the kitchen cabinets, and though I’m not finished, I’ve made a lot of progress. We had new glass installed in the glass cabinets and that section of the kitchen looks so much better now that I hope to finish the whole shebang before Thanksgiving. Maybe Christmas.



There are a few more cosmetic changes I’d like to make, and after that, we’ll be in to major remodel territory. Unfortunately because there are things about the house, like its proximity to a busy street and its non-proximity to work, that we can’t change at all, we will likely move and leave the remodeling to the next tenants. This house will sell so much faster than it did when we bought it because it’s not ugly anymore, if I do say so myself. However thanks to that burst housing bubble we won’t be moving any time soon, so in the meantime, be prepared for more updates.


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