My Obsidian

Mr. Obsidian

There’s nothing like stockpiling topics to turn one’s thoughts to neglected subject matter. I haven’t posted anything about Sid, our family cat, in a while. It’s not like the cat generates a lot of interesting topics. He’s not getting a promotion at work or siring any children. But our lives aren’t the only lives that changed with the arrival of Sonja. And when I was pregnant, I was super concerned with how he was going to adjust.

He’s a cat. I’m not sure he noticed.

Sid’s not super fond of his new sibling because she tends to smack him in the face when she’s trying to pet him. But Sonja adores Sid. Every time she sees him, she points and says, “geggy!” (Translation: kitty.) At that point he turns his tail up and runs out of the room. Other than that, his routine of sleeping, eating, pooping and running around the house like a bull in a china shop is pretty much the same.

A rare moment of sibling love

I don’t think I ever formally introduced Sid on this blog, so let me take a moment to do so now. He’s a slim and sleek black cat we adopted from the Humane Society about five years ago. I was determined on adoption day to come home with a cat, meaning I didn’t want to wait a week for one that had to be neutered or otherwise detained. Obsidian, a.k.a Sid, whose original name was Maxie, was the last of his litter. An orphan. Even his mom had been adopted. I did not think I would wind up with a “plain” black cat when we set out that day, but he was too cute to pass up.

Kitten Sid

There was an adoption event that weekend at the Humane Society so we had to wait in line to purchase our cat. Behind the counter were several cardboard boxes with cats inside, and one of those boxes was shaking back and forth and emanating incessant loud and low meows. The cashier noted that someone sounded unhappy. “I think that’s our cat,” I whispered to Shaun. “Nah, I don’t think so,” he whispered back. “No, I’m pretty sure that’s our cat.”

It was our cat.

Just hanging out. Why, what are you doing?

Sid is a very vocal cat and he does not like enclosed spaces. The five minute drive to the vet is pure torture for all parties involved. His lean and muscular build make him seem quite regal, though any semblance of sophistication vanishes when he tries to walk on a railing or fence. He is possibly the world’s most unbalanced cat.

Crap. Now what?

He’s a picky eater and prefers crunchy food and treats to all others. He will not eat human food except for applesauce (it is weird how we found that out, thanks for asking) but we don’t give him that anymore for what should be self-explanatory reasons.

Face-deep in applesauce

Sid gazing upon the freshly fallen snow.

He’s not a particularly snuggly cat though he does prefer to be in the same room with us and other known persons. Too many unknown persons and he’ll stay upstairs in our bedroom on his beloved towel.

This is MY towel!

He will on occasion climb on my chest in the wee hours of the morning, purring and begging to be scratched. I usually indulge him for a minute or two. Just as often he will, again in the wee hours of the morning, decide that my legs are sneaky prey that he must kill and devour. That lands him a one way ticket to the hallway. Loud and low meows ensue.

Photo Bomb!

Yes, Sid is definitely a feisty one. For the past five years he’s had the bad habit at nipping at my toes whenever I’m sitting still. I’d tried several things to discourage this but had only mild success with an automated laser. On a recent trip to the vet, I brought up this topic and she suggested using noisemakers to deter him. Since I just so happen to have tons of rattly thingamajigs lying around the house I decided to give it a try. She said I’d have to be super consistent about it, but it worked like a charm and rather quickly too. It’s nearly broken him of the habit all together,  but on the occasions he gets feisty, I just pull out a maraca and he runs.

Trying to camouflage himself at the vet’s office.

With all the running away (from babies and maracas) Sid’s been doing lately, I started feeling a little sorry for the energetic guy. He doesn’t get to go outside much and you can see it in his eyes that he wants to be an outdoor cat. (Another hint: he tries to escape every time I open the door.)

Sid in his natural habitat

Since he’s been so aggressive about getting water out of the faucet lately, jumping up on the sink and getting in my way when I’m doing dishes or washing my hands, I decided to buy him a cat fountain. It’s ridiculously noisy, I hate it, and we had one before that broke after a year. But he’s happy with it.

‘Scuse me, could I get some water, please?

Sid is a terrific cat. He no longer runs the household but I think he’s warming to the new dynamic. He always comes in when I’m putting Sonja to bed and he has a fondness for sleeping on the rug near her crib. I’d like to think it’s because he’s being protective, but it’s probably because he knows he’s not allowed in there when she’s sleeping so he sees it as a forbidden place. Cats and kids, always getting into things they’re not supposed to be getting into. (Also, extremely difficult to clip their nails.) As soon as these two figure out all they have in common, they should be the best of friends.

He may not like the baby…

…but he sure likes the baby’s stuff.


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