My DSP: Rewrite

Song: Rewrite

Artist: Paul Simon

Year: 2011

Favorite lyric: I’ll eliminate the pages where the father has a breakdown, and he has to leave the family but he really meant no harm

Gonna substitute a car chase and a race across the rooftops, where the father saves the children and he holds them in his arms.

Significance: Paul Simon is one of my all-time musical favorites. I wanted to call attention to this new song written by an old guy because it’s so good. Paul Simon, unlike some of his ’60s contemporaries that are still kicking around today, has the ability to constantly reinvent his style and sound and he does it well. He understands that music evolves and he’s able to evolve his music. There are lots of good live versions of this song but I am linking to the original recording because it has, in the background, wildebeest noises that he recorded on a family vacation. Interesting. Contemporary. Evolved.


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