My DSP: Burning Love

Song: Burning Love

Artist: Elvis Presley

Year: 1972

Favorite lyric: NA

Significance: Elvis as an artist is not particularly significant to me but I love this song. I feel that perhaps I love this song a little too much. It might be a guilty pleasure. I can say for sure that I like the bass line and the vocal performance, but after that my love is inexplicable. I think I was reminded of this song after watching Lilo & Stitch, which was a movie that both my husband and I loved. Lilo, the little girl, is obsessed with Elvis and she makes weird dolls and she’s feisty. A far cry from all the personality-less princesses Disney is always shoving down our throats. And as I was a card-carrying member of the Beatles’ Fan Club when everyone around me was listening to The Backstreet Boys, I could relate.

The audio quality on this is not great.



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