My DSP: Nothin’ On Me

Song: Nothin’ On Me

Artist: Shawn Colvin

Year: 1996

Favorite lyric: Well I don’t tell jokes and I don’t take notes

Significance: This song was used as the theme to Suddenly Susan and that’s how I first heard it. Nowadays if you hear a song on TV or the radio and you don’t know what it was, you can go to the web with absolutely minimal information – maybe just two words from the lyrics – and find the song. When I wanted to know what this song was it took me forever to figure it out. But figure it out I did and I was glad I liked the whole song because it was a damn quest.

Incidentally, I love the lyric “I don’t take notes” because I never did take notes. Not in high school, not in college. I didn’t need to. I’d just remember what the profs said. If I tried to take notes it got in the way of listening and messed everything up. I tried for a long time to look like I was taking notes because I didn’t want to look like I was slacking. Eventually I decided screw it, if anybody says anything to me I’ll just explain. No one ever said anything.


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2 Responses to My DSP: Nothin’ On Me

  1. mayalessov says:

    Jen, I like these music posts. On this one, the favorite lyrics got me, because I too don’t like to take notes and doing so gets in my way as well. However, I did have history teacher say something once. I think it hurts people’s feelings that you don’t take their prepared remarks seriously enough to want to refer to them later. Today, features are trained to understand that some people absorb information better just by listening, so hopefully no one gets docked any more for paying close visual attention. Like the series here.

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