My 15-Month Old

There have been a lot of milestones since the 12-month update. At twelve months Sonja was close to walking and loved practicing with her arms up and an adult hunched over, leading the way, until their back could no longer take it . At 13 months, she could walk short distances but would only do so without assistance if she saw something she really, really wanted. (Remember, she never crawled.) Quickly enough those short spurts from the coffee table to the ottoman turned into long strolls across the living room. Indeed, it did seem to happen almost overnight. One moment burdened by trepidation, the next, off and running. It’s a relief in many ways to not have to bend over and help her along, but now we’ve entered the chasing-after phase, which can be scary. However if I’m chasing her and she’s chasing the cat, it’s frickin’ hysterical.

Along with the better balance and confidence walking, she figured out how to fall on her bum instead of her head. Also a relief.



About two weeks ago she finally figured out how to get from lying down to sitting up. She squirmed and shimmied in her crib one day until she surprised herself by flopping her legs underneath her and sitting up. She already knew how to get from sitting to standing. It seemed to me like this was a skill she should have figured this out long ago, so I was relieved that there was nothing wrong. Now bed and nap times are much more challenging so I’m glad she took her time figuring this one out.

Crib standin'.

Crib standin’

She’s adding new words to her vocabulary daily, even if she can only say the first syllable of each word. “No” for nose, “Ah” for ear, “Ba” for bear. Dad’s favorite is when she points to a monkey and says “Ma-ma.” Mom’s favorite is “noo (new)” for noodle. She also says “mo” for mouth, “quack” for duck, “moo” for cow, and “mo” again for more, always while making the sign. She still says “ba-ba” for bottle and “gehgy” for kitty, and she’s added “wa-wa” for water out of her sippy cup, “ah” for up and “da” for down. She’s got a word for binky that starts with a “b” but I can’t understand it. Bippy? She really understands bye-bye now and will, of her own volition, wave and say bye-bye when dad leaves for work. Yes, words are very close and every new bit of interaction is very exciting. As a friend of the family put it, she’s at the point now where she can communicate more than a rabbit.

"Wa-wa."Water table at the Children's Museum in Everett

Water table at the Children’s Museum in Everett

Sonja was on the small side at her one-year checkup, having only doubled instead of tripled her birth weight (8 lbs). Her doc asked us to do a weight check at 15-months and today she weighed in at 17 pounds. She’s kept a steady curve and has not lost weight, which is good, but we were asked to come in after the holidays to discuss further, as well as to discuss options for a very stubborn patch of eczema.

Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving dinner

It seems like we are transitioning from a two nap schedule to one nap, but depending on what time she wakes in the morning, we still get two naps maybe 50% of the time. She’s really into listening to me read to her now. Previously she preferred to thumb through the pages of books herself and then throw them on the floor. I’m quite a fan of this quiet, sedentary activity, a nice reprieve during an otherwise long day of running back and forth. We are however going to need some more books.

Other fun activities are running into a room and shutting the door, with me on the other side. I knock, she knocks back. Making a mess is perhaps the funnest activity of all. Throwing her diapers on the floor, taking her shoes off the shelf and throwing them on the floor, getting into the basket of printer paper and throwing all of that on the floor, and of course throwing food on the floor. Yes, the days are just exhausting. However most nights I get a pretty good night’s sleep so that helps tremendously.

First visit to Mom's favorite college pizza place, Delfino's in UVillage.

On her 15-month-aversary, her first visit to Mom’s favorite college pizza place, Delfino’s in UVillage.




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