My DSP: Sleigh Ride

Song: Sleigh Ride

Artist: Leroy Anderson (composer)

Year: 1950

Favorite Lyric: Somebody wrote lyrics to this song after the fact, but I like it better without them.

Significance: We played this every year in high school band and I never got tired of it. It was a challenging piece when measured against other band music, especially since the flutes had to cover the violin part. Sure, there was only one year when we had a trumpet who knew how to make the horsey sound, and the percussionists never ever got the whip crack in exactly the right spot, but my part was fun. In fact, I still have most of it memorized. This song has been covered a zillion times, with lyrics and without, by orchestras and pop groups, but the original is still the best. Plus, it includes my all-time favorite feature of a Christmas song – the jazzy break!


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