My 2012 Year-in-Review

Another year has come and gone. Though many years can dissolve together, some years are distinctive. The year of the wedding (2008). The year of the pregnancy (2011) and this, the first full year of parenthood. 2012 took us from 3 months to 15 months, from a baby just learning to keep her head up to a toddler running around the house, from consistent middle-of-the-night feedings to the occasional middle-of-the-night diaper change. Though to me it felt like kind of a sleepy year – there was little in the way of work, no vacations were taken – my daughter was workin’ hard and accomplished many things. Granted I’ve waxed philosophical about most of those things on the blog already, that’s what the blog is for. But for yuks and material, here’s a quick recap.


The storm of the century of the year. Sonja is four months old when a snow & ice storm takes out our (and thousands of others) power for nearly three days. The first night all three of us hunker down in the den near the fire, Shaun and I on the futon, Sonja in her rocker. Each time she awakens, I feed her and Shaun feeds the fire. The next day Shaun returns to work and I attempt, unsuccessfully, to keep the fire burning. Getting colder by the minute, I decide to take the baby to the mall to warm up, but fail to get the car out of the driveway. Shaun comes home early and we head to his parents’ powered house to ride out the rest of the storm. Bonus: Grandma handles the late-night feedings.

Snowpocalypse low-res 2

Sonja's 1st Snowpocalypse

Sonja’s 1st Snowpocalypse


Hmm… Not a very memorable month.

Sonja rack focus


The six-month-aversary. The first six-months dragged on and on, the longest of my life. The next six flew by, probably because we were sleeping a lot more.

Tell me again why 6 months is significant?

Tell me again why 6 months is significant?


We finally get some decent bedroom furniture.

Sleigh Bed

Sleigh Bed


I spend my first mother’s day with The Seattle Rock Orchestra, performing the Beatles’ albums Rubber Soul and Revolver. Shaun buys me a tablet computer for my herculean efforts raising the baby, and in about two weeks I decide I hate it. He’s using it now and I stole the free Microsoft Surface Tablet employees received. (Still not sold on the necessary-ness of the tablet.)

I'd like to thank you all on behalf of the group, and I hope I passed the audition.

I’d like to thank you all on behalf of the group, and I hope I passed the audition.


I spend the entire month watching Breaking Bad (on Netflix), starting with the pilot and ending with season 4, just in time to start watching season 5 as it airs. I start out rather blasé about the whole series and end up inhaling as much as I can every time the baby naps. I try in vain to keep my exclamations of ‘holy shit’ to a minimum.


I go back to work, full-time but temporarily. I’m a freelancer and the call comes at the right time. It took me much longer than I expected to get to the point where I felt that I was ready to go back. I might not have attempted it at all, had my sister-in-law not been available to babysit. Fortunately I had just the right environment to see what being a working parent felt like. I give it a mixed review.

Also at the end of July… Finally, after 170,000 miles, I get a new car. The car buying experience is enough to last me another 10 years, I hope the car does too.

Fresh as a daisy from its first wash

Fresh as a daisy from its first wash


My birthday month, upgraded from the non-traditional birthday week and the more traditional birth-day. I was very happy not to be nine months pregnant this year, and celebrated with a massive laundry room flood. Also, spaghetti.

Like Momma, like daughter

Like Momma, like daughter

Also this month I finally finish painting the cabinet doors we had repaired two years ago. It looks brilliant if you look just at that section and not at the six other unfinished sections in the kitchen.



Oh words cannot express the long-anticipated 1st birthday party. I planned and prepped only to have things not go as I wanted. A good lesson for next year, for sure.

So close to walking!

So close to walking!

It's All Mine!

It’s All Mine!

Mo-om, that's MY cake!

Mo-om, that’s MY cake!


I spend the entire month agonizing over whether I should bother with a Halloween costume for Sonja, finally decide it’s not necessary because she won’t be trick-or-treating or eating candy, then feel like a bad parent. Instead of trick-or-treating we go to the Children’s Museum in Everett for a Halloween extravaganza.

"Wa-wa."Water table at the Children's Museum in Everett

Water table at the Children’s Museum in Everett


NaNoWriMo. The challenge is to write 50,000 words in a month and because I must know what the winner’s certificate looks like, I do it. Quantity over quality is the motto here. Or perhaps quantity first, quality later. This consumes much of my waking, child-free moments.

Winner's Badge

Winner’s Badge


A 15-month weight-check for my petite cutie. She’s still gaining, but slowly, so we’re scheduled for a more in-depth follow up in January.

Sonja gets to open Christmas presents on Christmas Eve at Grandma’s and Christmas day at home. We so wear her out on Christmas day that she falls asleep in my arms and I have to put her to bed over an hour early. Wait ’til she finds out about this Santa Claus guy.

2012 Tree. Not unlike the 2011 tree. And 2010 tree...

2012 Tree. Not unlike the 2011 tree. And 2010 tree…

This goes here, right?

This goes here, right?




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