My DSP: All I Wanna Do

Song: All I Wanna Do

Artist: Sheryl Crow

Year: 1996

Favorite Lyric: It’s apropos of nothing, he says his name is William
But I’m sure he’s Bill or Billy or Mac or buddy

Significance: This was Crow’s first big hit and I think it stands as her best song. I really loved her second, self-titled album and played it endlessly in college. She eeked out a few listenable songs on the third album and after that she went AWOL. She’s had a few radio hits in recent years that I really like, including one where she criticizes privileged youth like Paris Hilton by singing:

Well, I dropped out of school
When I was seventeen
‘Cause I didn’t have time
To study my magazines
‘Cause there’s a lot to learn
From the privileged few
Like how to build a brand
Wearing high heeled shoes

That song, called Motivation and another called Love is Free are light, fun songs that fit her voice and style. Other than that she was lost under overly lush orchestrations and boring ballads, probably swallowed by her own ego.


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