My DSP: Reelin’ in the Years

Song: Reelin’ in the Years

Artist: Steely Dan

Year: 1972

Favorite Lyric: You’ve been telling me you’re a genius since you were 17 / In all the time I’ve known you I still don’t know what you mean / The weekend at the college didn’t turn out like you planned / The things that pass for knowledge I can’t understand

Significance: I couldn’t let the DSP pass without mentioning Steely Dan. This ridiculously catchy tune is the one that drew me in, and they’re still making great records today. There’s a scene in the director’s cut of Almost Famous  where one of the girls calls the Steely Dan guys cute and everybody looks at her like she’s crazy. You really don’t get many Steely Dan jokes nowadays (or probably ever) so thank you Cameron Crowe.


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