My 2012 Blog Stats

Another year of blogging, another year-in-review from WordPress. The stats on this blog fall far short of remarkable, but I thought some of the information was noteworthy.

For instance, I doubled the amount of views I had last year, from about 2500 to about 5000. It doesn’t seem like much but if I double that in 2013, I’ll be quite ecstatic.

Including this post and the three (that’s right – three) I intend to post tomorrow, I added 76 new entries in 2012. That’s up from a meager 7 in 2011. Even if you dismiss the 31 entries from the December Song Project, that’s still 45 posts.

Last year I uploaded 3 pictures. This year I uploaded 161 pictures.

On the blog’s busiest day of the year, my most popular post was My Pen Pal, a story of which I am particularly proud. However, the most popular post over the course of the year was still my hastily prepared article from 2009, Should I take the job? 5 reasons to let an offer pass you by. WordPress says that my writing has staying power and I should consider writing about those topics again, which was the same thing WordPress said last year. You don’t need to tell me three times. I’m taking the advice and you’ll hear more about it on January 1st.

That’s pretty much all the blog statistician fairy wrote, but if you want to see the full report, it is here. Know that I’m posting less for you and more for me so I can compare stats again next year. But I still love you!



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