My Take on New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Eve used to be one of my favorite holidays because it was an opportunity to stay up late. Eventually staying up late became the norm and the holiday lost most of its appeal. I also was an avid resolution maker until several years ago when I realized, to quoth the master Paul Simon, “after changes upon changes we are more or less the same.”

I think one of the problems with resolutions, or at least the ones I make, is there isn’t enough of a deadline associated with them. Saying you’re going to do something in the new year and then looking back at the end of the year to see if you did it isn’t effective. (Although last year’s last-minute realization that I needed to blog more worked out splendidly, probably my most effective resolution ever.)


So that doesn’t leave for much excitement for the turning of the clock and the dropping of the ball tonight.  I will actually be more excited if I fall asleep before midnight, as I’ve taken a liking to rising before the baby when I can. Even 15-minutes of quiet time and tea before she wakes helps me feel refreshed.

As for resolutions, well, I would  like to get back in shape, and it certainly seems like it’s time, but that’s way too clichéd to be considered a real resolution. I also want to take more pictures. (This is probably also clichéd, but I’ll go with it.) I have lots of pictures of the kid, but I want more, and I want to be in more of them. I figure the more pictures I snap, the better chance there is I won’t look like a total dork in one of them. So I shall resolve, here and now, to take at least 40 pictures a month for three months, and to be in at least 10 of them. In April I’ll post the highlights. Deadline. Goal. Project for accountability. Bing. Bang. Blam.

I have had fun blogging away in 2012 and I also resolve to keep the post-count high in 2013. I wish all my readers (all three of you!) all the best in 2013, and because it helps accountability to broadcast your goals, I invite you to share your resolutions in the comment forum. Happy New Year!


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