My Spin-off

I started this blog many years ago and though there have been times when I have neglected it, it’s always been there, like a tried and true friend. If I needed to vent or gloat, it was there. Though it started off as a way to chronicle the house hunting experience, the blog has never had much of a theme. Thus it really acts as a kind of super journal. It never feels like work but because it might be read by other people and is intended to be shared with family and friends, it’s a better writing exercise than just blathering on in a diary with a lock and key.

It’s also more interesting than a lock and key diary because I get feedback. I get to see how many people are reading and sometimes readers like or comment on a post. And throughout the theme-less years, three posts have stuck out in the stats as something for which people are searching. First, a post on the now defunct television program Lie to MeSecond, a review of the new-to-Puyallup Sonic Drive In restaurant. And third, a hastily written article on reasons to turn down a job offer.

The popularity of the Sonic piece came and went, as did the line of people waiting to try the abysmal franchise. The Lie to Me piece still gets hits occasionally, when people are searching for why the title contains an asterisk (I give an educated guess.) But Should I Take the Job? 5 reasons to let an offer pass you by, an article I wrote three years ago, still gets hits…every…single…day.

So that got me thinking. (Eventually.) I’ve toyed with the idea of sticking to a theme, to see if that might take me into the land of triple-digit stats. But I can’t give up the super journal, especially now that I’ve decided it has a purpose (as a diary for my daughter.) So the logical solution is…a spin-off!

It’s not just because the job offer post gets repeated hits that I deemed it a subject worthy of its own blog. It’s because as a freelancer, I’ve done a lot of resume creating, job hunting, job winning and job quitting in my day, and not only do I have a lot to say about the rat race, I think my advice might be helpful, especially to those working in creative fields.

SuiteCreative (because CreativeSuite was already taken) is up and running now. I hope that if you work or know someone who is looking for work in the creative field, you’ll pass along the info. As with the start of any new job, there will be a learning curve, but I encourage feedback. I also hope to make this one an interactive blog so I’ll be looking for questions that I can answer.

Thanks in advance for reading!


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One Response to My Spin-off

  1. mayalessov says:

    I love this idea and the posts already here, Jen. It is poised for popularity.

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