My Alternative to the Super Bowl

Every year in early February, usually the Sunday nearest Groundhog’s Day, my husband and I throw our annual Groundhog’s Day Feast and Festivities party. (For more on the party’s origin, go here.) Every year after the invites are sent I come to realize, eventually, that I have scheduled our big event for Super Bowl Sunday. This has been going on for six years.

We’re not big on sports around here and most of our friends aren’t either so the fact that our party lands on the biggest advertising day of the year does not hurt attendance. In fact, it turns out to be a fantastic nerdy alternative to a Super Bowl party.

The party usually focuses on food and non-sports-related games, though these things – like blogs – have ways of evolving. With many little kids in attendance over the past two years, the games aspect has diminished. We have also previously had the party catered, but this year we called it a potluck and asked guests to contribute. My husband made pulled chicken and his famous lumpia eggrolls, and I made fresh bruschetta and cupcakes. It added some stress to the planning but I was happier with the outcome and the leftovers.

The attendance at this year’s festivities was much smaller than in year’s past. Since so many of our friends live nearly an hour away in Seattle, the party is a great opportunity to get to see everyone at once. However this year’s quieter festivities allowed for more in-depth conversations, and afterwards I worried less that I was a distracted and flitty hostess.

I do miss the grown-up games, especially the chance to play some of our more interesting board games with a big group. I blame this on the children though I might admit, if pressed, it may have more to do with me. I’m sure board games could be played, even if they were done so distractedly. I just need to make room in my head for the possibility.

So it was yet another successful gathering. The Super Bowl has nothing on The Groundhog. We’ll see you next year for Superbowl MLXVIWCUIOP  v. Groundhog VII.

Watching the trailer for Despicable Me 2.

Watching the trailer for Despicable Me 2.


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