My Daughter’s Photo Session

No sooner had I finished lamenting my somewhat failed New Year’s resolution than did a photographer friend of mine ask to take photos of my little one to help build her portfolio. I have long been thinking about taking Sonja to a professional photo session, but kept putting  off the decision. Should I call Yuen Lui and sit in a studio, or should I buy a groupon for an outdoor photo session? Where would that take place? If I choose to go with a freelance photographer, who should I choose? At what point will I consider that I look good enough to spend money to have my photo taken?

I had no answers so really this was quite the fortunate occurrence  My friend’s decision to return to photography came when my baby was still a baby but old enough to run around, and she didn’t want photos of me, just the baby. After a brief Google search, we settled on a park in my neck of the woods that neither of us had been to before but which had a beautiful arboretum. The photos turned out great as I knew they would. I shall not spend any time lamenting that I did not do this sooner, I’ll just resolve now to hire her every year.

All photos are copyright and credit to Matisse Lorance Berthiaume.

IMG_8993IMG_9231 IMG_9238 IMG_9241cropped IMG_9259 IMG_9306bw IMG_9307 IMG_9317 IMG_9032v2 IMG_9036 IMG_9051 IMG_9084bw IMG_9088v2 IMG_9093 IMG_9107v2 IMG_9114v2 IMG_9141v2


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2 Responses to My Daughter’s Photo Session

  1. maya lessov says:

    Awesome. Perfect time of year and age for Sonja to be in a shoot. Look at those expressions.

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